Never run with your children!

Last night my 12 year old asked if he could come running with me (W3R3). I said 'no darling, its too far and I can't stop and wait for you' He raised an eyebrow at me and kept on nagging so in the end I relented and said ok. Big mistake! The little blighter ran the entire thing like Usain Bolt and had to keep doubling back for me. How embarrassing! I discovered that he can run like a gazelle. He even put in a sprint finish to the garden gate and as I was crawling up the path practically on my hands and knees and wishing I had an extra lung.. he was on the trampoline casually doing star jumps! He's definitely not coming out with me again... far too demoralising. lol

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  • Hee hee!! This made me laugh A LOT!! They just have so much energy - I think they directly zap it from us :)

  • lol, nooo, use him as a pace setter ;-)

  • Brilliant, don't you just love to hate em!! They seem to go on and on - - - - - - - - - with little or no effort at all.

  • When I began my 12 year old used to walk along side me laughing at the fact he could walk at the same pace as I ran! I had the last laugh though, I'm now running for 10 k each time and he has to ride his bike to keep up now!

  • Ha ha! You'll need to tie his shoe laces together!

  • I've just read this to my daughter & we are sitting here giggling. Like Tready's comment though & remember he who laughs last laughs the longest.

  • And when you want them to move quickly because you are in a hurry, they dawdle all the way. Typical kids.

  • This is even true of adult children! Home from Uni last summer when I had just started C25K my daughter came out to encourage me. Demoralised wasnt the word! The last year she's been busy doing her finals though and taken no exercise so when she came out with me last week she gave up 10 minutes in. There's a reason for that though. It's because I run really slowly it tired her out! Almost glad I don't have a degree with logic like that :-)

  • Lol, this has made me laugh so much tonight. I just restarted week 3. I was in exactly your position tonight, except it was my seven year old daughter putting me to shame! I try to take the positives from this and think I must have been able to run like that once over. Well, that's my logic anyway, I'm sure she hasn't got any of that running stamina from my ultra marathon running husband (rolls eyes).

  • I'm taking great comfort from your replies and like the idea of using the wee man as a pace setter.... I might have to put a leash on him in order to keep up though! ;)

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