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Whoop whoop, I'm officially a runner!!!

Just completed w6r3 - so pleased, especially after my two bad runs earlier this week!

I've had a horribly negative week, I've put on 2 pounds which upset me when I've been exercising and eating healthily so this has really cheered me up! Going to sit down and have my tea now.

I'm so grateful for this plan, thank you to everyone including all of you who are in the same boat and offering encouragement when needed.

:-) :-) :-)

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well done! I wanted to cry when Laura said I was a runner! still not sure its true, and I've got 4 more runs to go, but it feels really good when she said it! good for you and good luck with the rest of the runs!


Well done you! Great, innit? Feeling fed up because it has been bucketing down here all day, so Wk 7 has to wait for me. I'm also fed up because I was wanting to lose weight. Ho hum. Good luck with the rest! x


Really pleased you got a good run :)

Week 7 next!!


Great work with the running! Try not to get too upset about gaining weight. There are several factors at work, which may make you reconsider the number on the scale. Factor type 1: Is the scale accurate? Are you weighing same day of week, same time of day, same clothes, same posture? Factor type 2: Are you measuring body composition? If you are gaining muscle, you could still be losing extra fat and having a higher total weight. The same is true, of course, if you are more hydrated, or bloated, or have extra waste in your stomach. Factor type 3: Are you actually getting any bigger or more unhealthy? Are you tracking your measurements, or how far you can run? If you are still fitting into your jeans from last week, and still running, chances are EXCELLENT that you aren't gaining a bunch of fat.

So keep up the hard work. And good luck.


Although its hard try not to worry too much about the lbs, I'm sure you are now much healthier and fitter even with the gain, I fluctuate through-out the month a great deal, but at the moment I'm concentrating on being healthier rather than stressing over what the scales tell me.

Good luck with your next run :)


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