Couch to 5K

week 5 run 3 TAKE THAT ATHSMA

Hello everyone.

Thank you everyone for blogging on this website, you have all been really motivational. even though I have never written anything on here till now, I have been reading as I've gone through the weeks so far. I just really wanna express my sheer joy at being able to run for 20mins without taking my inhalors.

Hope this helps others with asthma to know it is possible to be a runner and suffer with insufficient lungs. lol x x x

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That's fantastic, having gone through a time of having dodgy lungs, I so realise how grim it can be. :)


I so know what you mean! I ran W6R2 without my inhaler! Not that I intended to, but I was just so excited about mapping my route that I totally forgot! And the amazing thing is that I made it. It is such a mental game at this point. Good luck with week 7!


Well done!! Thats fantastic and so motivational! I'm doing that run this week and keeping my fingers crossed that I manage it never mind thinking about using an inhaler!!


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