Couch to 5K

wk8 r 3 --Yea one more week to go to Badge-time!!!!!

This week was up and down, first run was ok, second one was a stinker! Heavy legs from minute 1, I had to use all the tricks, talking to myself, setting just-ahead markers, threats, promises and bribery but I dragged myself around and ran the full 28 minutes.

I missed a run Friday but got back out today, the sky was black, it was a bit cold and it rained, and hailed and rained, and hailed - quite hard too for the whole podcast, strong wind as well so conditions not great but it was weird because I enjoyed every minute, ran steadily from the start, no aches and pains everything went ok and I was faster than before so altogether today was a good day.

Now onwards to week 9!!!!!!!!!

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Yay, its funny how you come to enjoy it, isn't it! Good luck with next week's runs :)


Glad you felt like that in week 8 runs middle one for me was hard work and I felt out of breath. BUT

Like you ready to graduate this week coming too.

Week 9 run 1 on tomorrow! rain or shine!.


good luck with the week ahead :)


Yeah, W8 was a mixed bag with some toughies for me too. The great British weather does stop it all being too predictable though doesn't it?


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