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I felt that buzz after running!

I completed my W2R3 today after taking 3 days rest, anyone who has read any of my earlier posts will know about my aches & pains! I had planned to run yesterday but life got in the way, so got up this morning & did it. To be honest I wasn't really in the mood but I got up & got ready before I could think about it.

I started off with a 10min Davina Mccall warm up on DVD, then headed off out. I was wondering if, because of my longer rest periods, that I would be able to do it... but I had no problem! Don't get me wrong, it wasn't easy (or pretty ;) ) but I did it.

I had no problems with the hips, or the shin splints but I had a very tight right calf muscle that got worst towards the end. I did my cool down, then 10-15mins cool down with Davina (lots of stretches) and by the time I had finished the pain had gone!!! So I actually felt fantastic afterwards.

Then a funny thing happened, I was just pottering around at home (still my my running gear) and I started to think how much I love -this or that - nothing in particular or important, but I felt VERY happy! I then realised that, this is it, the buzz after running that you get, the elation...I felt it :)

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Oh dear, too late, sounds like you might be addicted now that you've felt that happy buzz :)


That's amazing!! I mean, W2 R3 and the buzz are great and all, but 25 minutes of Davina McCall....?? You deserve a blinking medal :-D


Yes I'm addicted! Don't worry Dee, they were only warm up & cool down stretches...believe me I need them, my old bones & joints are not as eager as me!!


The stretching exercises are a good plan but I really wouldn't be able to tolerate doing them with Davina :-/

Well done - enjoy the buzz :-) :-)


Enjoy the buzz it's such a fab feeling! :)


and another one joins the happy running bunch :)


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