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W3R1 - Can't believe I did it!


I don't know if I just have an inherent lack of faith in myself or if I think I'm in worse condition than I actually am, but I never thought that running 3 minutes non stop would be doable for me. But I did it, and I feel fantastic! It wasn't much faster than walking, but I figure building stamina and endurance and a good foundation for my muscles are more important than speed just now, that can come when I finish the whole 9 yards. Weeks. :D

Shout out to everyone who is doubting their abilities - you can do more than you think you can!

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Well done! Just remember slow is good, take your rest days and trust in the program, it works. You WILL do it, happy running!


Well done! I have to remind myself to blank out the speed issue as there are a lot of posts on how far and fast people run and I don't compare well at all!!). I know that if I try to speed up though I won't get through the programme. Soo! let's keep that focus on the 30 minutes goal :)

Millsie-JGraduate in reply to runlikeagirl

You are right, speed and distance do not matter at this stage. You are both doing just great!

Fabulous! Well done Resolution, what you have achieved is great and you will go onto achieve even more over the coming weeks. Let us know how you progress x


Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, and runlikeagirl: steady as she goes! Slower is better at this point, I agree!


Well done, it's a great feeling when you achieve a new week and runs get longer, forget the speed, as you say slower is better. I'm still slow, and building up again after being ill, but am taking small steps and am proud of being back out there, even if it is q tortoise pace. Good luck😄👟


Brilliant post - Speed will come with stamina!!! You are doing well and just stick with it!!!

resolutionGraduate in reply to Rockshammer

Thank you for the encouragement! Also I'd like to say, I'm not a forum person at all, and certainly not prone to sharing my every thought and action with an audience, but it actually really helps to feel like even though you have to pluck up the courage and determination to do this by yourself, there are other people a mouse click away who are in the same situation and just as honest about it. In a way it's kind of magical, there's a community spirit that I don't really encounter anywhere.

RockshammerGraduate in reply to resolution

You are welcome - Just don't get too hung up on pace - I did but when I slowed down I seemed to get stronger and faster - Makes no sense but it happens!!! Keep on posting we are all one big family!!!


That's the spirit...Slow slow slow and you will do it. Trust in the programme...You've done the hardest bit and got out there so well done and good luck for the rest off the programme... Believe now that you can do the whole lot...A lot of it really is mind over matter. Running was totally beyond me (still is) but the programme will get you there despite how unbelievable it might seem... I couldn't believe it but it's amazingly true. 🏃👍

Tomorrow I start week 3 and feel the same the thought of going for 3 mins OMG! great to hear you positive post about managing it :-)

I start week 2 tomorrow and am dreading that! - I find 1 minute hard work, though when I started I didn't think I'd even manage that

resolutionGraduate in reply to NetShee

You can do it! I find it helps to focus on my breathing, it becomes harder if you're focusing on how hard it is to run.

NetShee in reply to resolution

Thank you! - it's FANTASTIC that everyone on here is so supportive :)

I just did W3R1 the day before yesterday and before I started I thought "pfft, I struggled doing 90 seconds!" but jogged as slow as I could manage for those 3 minutes.

I am sending you a high-five!

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