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Do you use an MP3 player or iPhone?

Never listen to music on my iPhone, so was well chuffed when I realised I could download the PodCast of Couch to 5K on my iPhone (OK, it took me ages).

Also discovered you can buy a case thingy to wear on your arm, to keep it in, although people with thin arms don't find them much use................good, they should not be so slim, I know I won't have that problem........grins.

An added bonus if you use your iPhone, is the App Walk Watch, it's brilliant giving you all the stats, map of route etc and you do not have to have 3G on either.

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Thanks for the tip about the Walk Watch App. I dont know what it does but will give it a go... Anything to help me ! I use my IPhone and find it a bit uncomfortable stuck in my bra and must invest in an arm band (suitable for me as my arms are definatly NOT skinny (yet)!!.


The free Walk Watch App is good but you are limited to how many routes you can store so for 69p I think it was worth paying out. I like seeing my route and all the details, nice to keep on my PC. Oh yes, it works in the background so you can still listen to PodCasts.

The Armband seems great value for £4.99, don't think there would be room in my bra for my iPhone! ;-)

I've bought mine on Amazon, just put this search in: iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S Armband

It's got 97 reviews and most all very good, hoping to receive mine this week.


Ha Ha. so funny as mine is stuffed inbetween my sport bra and lycra top too !! im not the only one then, lol.. Mine is fairly comfy tho and I think an arm strap would just annoy me !!


Other good free Apps are MapMyRun and RunKeeper.


I picked up an armband on Amazon for £7.99 which was not the cheapest there, nor the most expensive by a long way. It's really very good indeed.


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