Basic phone (texts and calls) plus mp3 player

Does anyone know of a gadget which is not too big or expensive which could take podcasts and a few tunes, but on which i could make the odd emergency call or text? I don't like carrying my smart phone and ipod which jiggle aroud as i run along with my house key and emergency pound coins in my little running belt. They are also attractive to thieves. I could just use my phone but even that on its own is quite bulky and an expensive item. Suggestions welcome!

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  • me to Sandy, waiting for replies here

  • Hi guys,

    I use a Nokia 113. I bought it from tesco for £35 (unlocked) but I think you can get them a bit cheaper if you go for their network. It's now my old phone but perfect for taking out. FM radio, MP3 player, texts and calls & the feature I now use most which is the interval timer. You can set 10 intervals of any time with a name so I have x secs walk then y secs jog & so on.

    Battery will last a loooong time if you're used to a smartphone, takes a micro sd card for more memory if you want to load mp3s, removable battery & actual buttons. I'd be very surprised if a thief would even entertain the idea of taking this off you! I run with a little dab radio in my pocket & the phone in my hand & never even had anyone look twice at it.

    All the best,


  • Thanks Leebee, just what I was thinking

  • Thanks very much.

  • This is really useful to know. I've been running with my iPhone in my pocket, but I'm afraid it will fall out and I'm not keen on the armbands that hold them. In fact, Carphone warehouse seems to be selling some for 99p - not bad!

  • Excellent! I thought it was just me who was worried about this. I see a lot of people running with smart phones and IPods in their hands which is not very secure. Or as you say, your smart phone could bounce out of your pocket and break. I don't like having to run with these gadgets rattling around in a bag or pocket. I will have a look at Carphone Warehouse.

  • I second the Nokia 113. It fits easily in a pocket or running belt and is light. Has a camera and takes video too. If you are not fussed about colour Tesco do some of the unlocked colour versions cheaper. I got the blue one for£20. It also has email and internet if you have a data sim but not as easy to use and more limited than a smart phone.

  • Hello again. I was going to buy one of these phones but the man in the shop couldnt say for definite that podcasts could be downloaded or listened to on the fone. Please could you confirm that you can do so on this phone. Thanks very much!

  • Hi. If the podcasts are in mp3 format they can be transferred to the phone. The phone cant connect to the computer via a lead but does have bluetooth so files can be transferred via that from another bluetooth device. Alternatively the phone can take a micro sd card (for storing pictures / music etc). MP3s / podcasts can therefore be loaded directly onto the micro sd card from a computer (you might need a sd card adapter which are very inexpensive.) and then the micro sd card can be inserted into the phone.

    I transferred the bridge to 10k podcasts using bluetooth and they work well.

  • Thanks for all the info. Very much appreciated.

  • OK many thanks to everyone for the helpful suggestions. I will look for a Nokia 113!

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