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Week 8 done - 1 week to go!

For the three runs of week 8 I ran the same route just so I could compare my times and distances. At the end of week 7 I was doing 2 miles in 25 mins. Here at the end of week 8 I can now do 2.5 miles in 31 minutes. I think this week has been the best so far. I've actually felt more like a grown up runner. Run 2 in the rain was great and I actually felt disappointed today when it didn't rain on me. I'm feeling more confident now that I have exceeded the 30 minute target and so fingers crossed I can make up that half a mile or so this week to get to the 5K mark. As soon as I do I have my next goal in mind which I'm planning to share as soon as I have graduated and run my first park run on the 5th May.


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Well done Stace ! A bit of rain is nice but I'm glad I missed the torrential downpours and hail today ;-/


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