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Red leaves and Berries - Week 8 Run 1

I've been lurking on the forums for quite some time and now I'm making my first post! Better late than never :)

I've completed my first run of week 8 (28 whole minutes!) and unlike other runs the first 10 minutes was fine! Actually the whole run was fine and I even managed to speed up so much for the last minute that it felt like I was flying! I managed to run 2.4 miles/3.8km which is fab! :)

But of course on my way home it had to start raining but to be honest it felt absolutely fab running in the rain! And when it stopped I couldn't help but pretend that it was actually pouring and I was just dodging the rain matrix style xD

Since it's now autumn the leaves are turning a nice red and there was even a tree that had neon red/pink leaves which was beautiful!

I started C25K to get fit and lose weight however it's probably making me gain weight with all the wild blackberries I pop in my mouth! Their soooooooo yum!! :)

I can't believe I'm near the end and I can't wait to run again (<--- I can't believe I'm saying that either! )

~ Giraffe

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Welcome aboard Giraffe ! Where've you been eh ? :-)

Running in the rain is the dogs wotsits isnt it ? Who'dve thought it ?

I agree, Autumn is a beautiful time of year and perfect for running too !

Well done on reaching this far and Good Luck for the rest of the programme .Keep posting and keep running ! :-) xxx


I totally agree, it's the best :D

I find that it's not too cold and not too hot, just brill! :)

Thanks Poppy :)


Ah giraffe, what a lovely post. You sound like you had a super run. Enjoy the rest of the programme, before you know it you will be graduating so relish every moment :-)


Thanks Mimsickle :)

I know, graduation is really close and I still can't believe it! :D


Sounds like a great run, well done you! You're nearly there, keep it up! I never thought I'd enjoy running either but that's the magic of the plan!!


I can't believe I'm nearly there! :)

Yup, the plan really is magic :D


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