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Week 8 run 2

Well, finally managed wk8 run 2 last night after a e day rest from run 1due to tummy bug.

I was really suprised with myself, I left Laura and ran to my own music for the first time. It was a daunting thought at first to do this, but whne I realised after 2 tracks (LMFAO sexy and I know it, and party rock - if you're interested), I was coming up to my 10mins I was really suprised!

Yes my heart rate was up and steady, my breathing was not too bad - bit heavy but what I've come to expect with these runs, and my calves were fins! Usually before 10mins my right calf has started to burn!

Even better is that my other half kept pushing me to increase my pace a little every now and then, which meant by 19.45mins -d passed the boat house which usually take me 20-22mins, and then by 28mins I'd ran futher than I have before - a total of 2.92km!

I'm really happy with what I've done, but still feel like the slowest runner out there. But I'm not going to let myself feel bad about it!

I set off doing this challenge so that I could run the 5k race for life in july. Now I've put a time limit on it - I want to run it in under 50mins. Think that's do-able! If I could get my pace up high enough to do it in 30mins that would be fantastic, but I'll see how I go.

My next challenge for run 3 and week 9 is to get 3km in in underr 30mins.

Fiingers crossed!!

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Sounds like you're making great progress. Keep up the good work!


Wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeh!!!! I have that on my ipod, I must run without Laura too - I've concerned though that with the ear plugs in I might just end up singing out loud lmao :-) Well done, it feels great to make progress - I'm so jealous of you running with your other half :-)


Amanda, if you can sing, you should be able to run faster!! He h he ;)

My other half is great, he is really pushing me to keep goingn though he is finding it hard to run at such a slow pace! Good for a bit of moral support too - I'm just under 20 stone running and wearing lycra! Can wait for the little idiots to startshouting things out at me! - thankfully the weathers not nice enough for them at the moment!


I've got to get those tunes on my ipod, think it'd keep me smiling all the way.

You're doing great, well done you!!


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