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Small victories

I am following a Runners World programme to prepare for a 10k. I am only doing easy 2 mile runs this week so have been getting up and doing them early. I told myself that I could have a lie in today (have been having too many late nights) as I had all day to fit today's run in, it being a Saturday.

I woke at 7, which is a lie in for me. It was lovely and sunny. Although I told myself I didnt have to, I still got up straight away, put my running clothes on and, after just a mouthful of tea and a bite of a banana, went straight up the woods with the dog. It was lovely run. Challenging as its very rough/stony/muddy, but perfect running conditions, cool, no wind etc.

I came back feeling so proud of myself as I tend to be a bit slow getting my backside into gear on a Saturday morning after rushing all week.

I am now even happier I got the run done early, as the sky has just turned black and the heavens have opened!

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Yip I like getting up and getting on with it on run days. By the time you have put on your running kit, strapped your iPod to your arm and got that fetching baseball cap at a jaunty angle - you would feel a bit funny just popping out for a pint of milk :-)


Love that after all our hard work we can say an 'easy' 2 miles or 'only' 30 minutes!!! :)


I hadnt thought of that, thanks!


AliB1 I agree :-) I went out for an easy 2 miler today followed by an hours Gym session. This is the person who last December hadn't run in about 25 years!


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