Small victories

Small victories

This isn't a post about long runs or races I'm afraid. Just a little something today made me happy. In January I started running 'properly'. I redid C25K and the Bridge to 10k but I was painfully slow. Everybody says 'I'm slow' - but I really was. :) Over 9 mins a km.

Today I ran 3km (I'm recovering from shin splints so no long distances at the mo) with an average pace of 6.41 a km. Last 2 parkruns have seen me get PBs. Still coming in near the back of the pack (Banbury parkrun seems like a fast one - everyone finished in under 38 mins this week) but no longer last.

I am really chuffed with my progress. Speed is not everything of course and I'll never be 'quick' but this is a small victory for the turtle running through peanut butter.


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24 Replies

  • Well done! That is a great pace :-) 👍

  • You're doing great. Congratulations!

  • Well done- you are only competing with yourself you know :)

    I love the turtle through peanut butter analogy too :)

  • Ooh that is fantastic, well done! I know speed isn't everything but if you can see improvements/still feel fantastic then that is brilliant. Go you! x :-)

  • well done! your not the only one!

    just good to get out and do it!

  • Nice one! Look how far you've come in the 10 months or so since January. That's brilliant ;)

  • Just completing 5k or running for 30 minutes X 3 times a week is awesome. I do understand there is a lot of wanting to run faster and further but perhaps each of has their own limit for safely running? Running is for fun and for health and going too fast or constantly pushing for improvement could take us into injury time. So fantastic you are a regular runner, could u ever even imagine that would happen? Still surprises me every time I run LOL

  • Hi Joolie. I couldn't agree more that running should be fun and for health and not about further/faster. I'm not generally competitive so it surprised me how pleased I was with myself after a noticeable improvement. So shocked in fact I had to share!

  • We all find different ways to measure progress and motivate our running - well done 😀

  • Faster than me hon! Well done!

  • Well done!!

  • Go very steadily indeed! Shin splints are the devil, and you need to allow time to recover, which means going slowly and increasing distance very gradually. Don't be rushed! ☺

  • Yes they are indeed the spawn of the devil. Thankfully now almost gone. Physio has given me a training plan and exercises but the big help has been compression socks. Love them and wish I'd got them sooner.

  • you give me faith! thankyou and well done xx

  • Thank you, that's good to hear.

  • Wow, that's an impressive improvement, Beth. Well done :)

  • Brilliant beth that's excellent !😊

  • I am doing 4 lots of physio a day but if it keeps me running then all well and good ☺

  • You're right that speed isn't everything-your times show that you are progressing still and I always think even if I were last in a run, at least I did it ;) keep on going!!!

  • Hooray ! Progress is progress, it just goes to show there is always room for manoeuvre, well done.

  • Slow's OK. It's still faster than the couch :)

  • Faster than me too! Blimmin' well done!

  • Fantastic Beth, Well done to you !

    Perseverance and persistence always pays ! :-) xxx

  • From a fellow 'slow' runner well done! Thats a great achievement and a big improvement :)

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