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Intense knee pain on day due to run! Should I try tomorrow?


I had my best ever run on wednesday (week 5 run 2) and was excited, if a little nervous, to do the big 2-0 today.

My rest day was fine yesterday, but today I dunno if I'm coming down with something...started the day feeling really sick, then had pain in my arm that I bruised at the weekend, and then from around 2pm some knee pain, and it's just been getting worse and worse. Now it hurts so badly I cant think straight! I dunno where it's come from or what to do! I was so proud of Wednesday's you think I should try tomorrow? Maybe I just didn't sleep well? Or something?!

Thanks :)

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If it hurts i wouldn't got out...i'd take another rest day and see how it is.


Definitely rest it, give yourself some time, you could make it much worse. Your body will let you know when its time to run again.


I ran on a sore knee & had to take a month out. please dont run until it doesnt hurt any more.

enjoy the rest! :)


I would give it a rest if it hurts.In a couple of months a week out now will be all but forgotten but as Shelley says if you crack on and end up having to have a bigger gap you won't thank yourself.

These things sometimes go as quick as they come. Take care.


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