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week 8 run 1 done - I feel good!

Did wk 8 run1 today, was feeling a bit nervous because of previous posts about finding it difficult. I decided last week not to fret about what I had to do, and not think about the next run before I finished this one, so i set off for the gym feeling hopeful. the sun was shining for the first time in a while, I started off ok, then decided not to look at the treadmill, because I start working out how long I've go left. I was listening to the music, no I don't care about Julie either! the last song was awful, so I was glad when it finished, will definitely be glad to pick some of my own, I hope the new podcast has some better tunes! 5 runs left to go - there, I'm doing it again! Good luck to all the others, hope the outsiders get some sunshine too!

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I have heard alot about Julie....I've 1 more W7 run before I hear what its all about. (opps, I'm a countdowner too by the looks of it)

Well done on W8R1, and good luck for R2 :)


thanks 7-of-us, I can't resist the countdowning! good luck with run 3!


When I run on a treadmill I put a couple of yellow stickies over the time so I can't see how long I've done or how long I've got left, but then I usually start counting the songs! Good luck for the rest of week 8 and then your last week! :)


Yes I do that too! Thanks for the good wishes - looking forward to getting my badge too! Good luck with your runs too!


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