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Bested by a Bug

I had the very best of intentions. I hung up my "running clothes" (hoodie and yoga pants and double-layered socks) to be ready for my run. I prepared my MP3 player. I waited a full day after my previous run.

And I felt like I had landed on Jupiter and weighed 8 times my normal weight and everything was spinning. I couldn't keep anything in my body long enough to pull any nutrients from it. I had a mild fever. And apparently some kind of flu. (Influenza - the real flu - tends to be something else again, with fevers and aches and pain, but one of my doctor's said it was "flu-like" so I will go with that.)

I have missed two scheduled runs this week. It is only week 2, and I feel like a loser. I am struggling to balance my desire to literally keep up my running momentum and my desire not to land face-first on the pavement gabbling about the pretty swirly stars everywhere and the colorful rainbows streaming from my ears. I keep telling myself it is a minor *and temporary!* setback. It doesn't mean I won't get right back on track when my white blood cells have beaten those germs to a pulp. It just means that I will be a few days later than planned.

I decided to write about my desire to run, even if I can't today, to help keep me accountable and motivated. I am really hoping I can lace up my shoes on Friday.

Btw. One unexpectedly great side-effect. My partner, who agreed to run this program with me, mostly to help me keep motivated, is running on his own while I am sick. I am proud of him.

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Your right, its temporary! You'll soon be up and running, make sure you keep up with the fluids and won't be long before your back on it!


Dont worry, It happened to me in week 2, I had a really bad cold so I missed 2 runs then a chest infection, so didnt run for 2 weeks. I repeated one previous weeks run then moved on. It was fine and now Im on week 4. Just keep going, you are doing really well.


Yes don't worry - it will happen to everyone at some point! You'll be back running before you know it :)

And what do a couple of runs matter really when you're going to be doing this for years? Don't beat yourself up!

Good luck :)


I hope you feel better soon, your desire to run will see you through this.

Make sure you take it easy on yourself.

Good luck with your next run :)


Poor you, get well soon. I've found though that sometimes when you have an enforced break like this, the next run is actually easier and more enjoyable! So you have that to look forward to. Hope you feel better soon.


I gave up for 3 weeks when you get back into it and feel better you will be even more determined. So take the break you need and dont think you cant cos you know you can. Mind yourself


Week 2 gave me a cold too. Key is to do as you are, and maintain your motivation. Even those who are well, but who don't want to run in the rain - it's OK. Just make sure you pick it up again when you're ready. Hope you get well soon and get back to the pleasure and pain (:->)


i've had to stop too... finished week 6 then came down with a cough and cold and its still lingering, have missed 2 weeks now :-(


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