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Week 1 run 1...I did it!

After a low key first attempt and some great advice on how to use inhalers pre-run, I completed the wk1r1 today.

Things I have learnt so far -

- Don't drink quite a lot of wine the night before you attempt a run (not just the asthma to blame for the shaky start...)

-The treadmill was definitely easier - but I'm going to do a mix of road/treadmill to keep it interesting.

- Eating a couple of hours before seemed to put paid to the shaky leg.

-That I can do it! ....after a lifetime of puffing and wheezing through exercise this paced technique is working so far - can't wait to get onto the next one.

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Good going just did my first one today too, feels so good to complete that, keep going :)


Hey Zagel, well done to you too. Feels good doesn't it? :)


Feeling sore after firstrun monday, zumba yesterday - perhaps i need to go a bit slower but determined to continue


Yes you can do it keep it up :)


Lovely feeling getting started, it wont be long and the weeks will fly by, keep inhalers at the ready everytime you go out.


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