Couch to 5K

Oh my POOR knees - learn from my mistake!

Poor poor knees. Having enforced rest, doing loads of exercises and have even invested in some Theraband to do a strange manouvre that involves wrapping it round me and walking sideways :)

I was so keen to graduate that I just pressed on though the pain and tried to ignore the fact that I could hardly get down the stairs the day after.

I shouldn't have done that and should have sought help earlier and then maybe I wouldn't be in this sorry state.

I am very sad :(

Desperate to have some fun now but have to content myself with a bit of nordic walking and cycling in the gym. Boo hoo.

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Sorry to hear that, but with rest and the exercises I'm sure you'll be back at it very soon. Not sure what nordic walking is so off to google it now :)


Thanks for your encouragement Minuette - you will be racing ahead of me by the time I can run again :)

Nordic walking uses poles to propel yourself forward and works the upper body too. It reduces the strain on your joints and knees by taking some of the pressure off through using the poles.

Would recommend it. You need to go to a class to learn the technique as it's not as easy as it looks! apparently you can also 'bound' using the poles but I have never tried that - think I would trip myself up and it could end in tears!!


Yes it looks very interesting especially the bounding bit!! I may have a think about doing it :)


The nordic walking, cycling and gym will bring about different strengths that will improve your running when you get to return to it, so Invisage strength building for now, you've done so very well with your running shame to be boo hoo ing. You'll be back to it in no time with strong nordic legs!!! :] ooh er missess!


Big strong thighs :)

You are so right - I should look at the positives and just focus on doing what I can at the moment. If I have to go back a few weeks to start with then that is not the end of the world.

I just hope that the exercises do the trick...


I overdid it soon after finishing c25k & it cost me a month off due to a poorly knee so I know how you are feeling.

on the positive side the break does make you even more determined to run :)

enjoy the rest. youll be back at it in no time at all.


Thanks Shelley. How did you heal yours?


lots of rest. ultimately it was climbing over rocks to go fossil hunting that seemed to put everything back where it should be & ease the pain :)

feet up :) hot water bottle (to get the blood flowing) ice pack (to take away the inflamation) & a month off from running. I was able to use the cross-trainer at the gym & the "go-cart" bike ~ the one you use with your legs out in front of you. & I did/still do use a support stretchy bandage over my knee when it feels not quite right.

good luck. hope it heals quickly.


ive only just started wk2 and im on rest for the rest of the week. even though i do aerobic exersices 3 times a week.My right knee( well behind the knee ) is so its not I dont do any exersice.Maybe running just isnt for me,.Starting at the age of 53 may have something to do with it!!....But I will persevere and see what happens...hope your knees improve too.


Watch how you go and don't overdo it!

I am 56 and like you did regular aerobic exercise before running. Knees have been a bit painful first thing in the morning but nothing like this. Seek advice sooner rather than later!

Good luck.


My knees were really bad a while back so I feel for you, its horrible when they let you down like this. Fingers crossed mine are holding out atm, but you're so right that you need to stop sooner rather than later if they get dodgy. I do hope that with all your cross-training and nordic walking you'll feel better again soon - I heard about one woman who managed to do nearly her entire training that way, kept the cardio fitness and built the strength even though she couldn't run for a bit, then straight back into it :-)


Awww, don't be sad! Think of what you have achieved and view this as a temporary challenge.... soon to be overcome!


I feel even worse for laughing at you with the bra story now! definitely have to listen to your body, good luck with the walking, what about trying some swimming? it helped after I broke my leg 4 years ago.


Oh no do keep laughing :) Laughing is good for you and it was funny but just not at the time!!!!

Hmmm - I don't really like swimming but am doing a lot of exercises I have been given, one of which involves wrapping green stretchy banding round me and shuffling my feel sideways so that they push agains the tension of the band. Causes a bit of amusement in the office :)

How did you break your leg? I pullled the ligaments in my ankle so hard that I broke it a year ago last August. Not my smartest move. Blimey, makes me sound like a right old crock - ankle, knees and shoulder. maybe I should give up this exercise lark and retire gracefully..!!!


ha ha don't you dare! I jumped off a yatch in gibralter and fractured my tibial platuea, have a pin inserted. It sounds much more glamorous than it was! It has taken a long time to heal, but I found swimming good because it was not weight bearing. Your break sounds awful! definitely think that once its broken its not the same. hope the big green rubber band helps!


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