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Owww! My Poor Feet!

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Well, heels to be precise. Apparently it is Plantar Fasciitis, but I call it *insert expletive here*.

The doctor gave me some helpful exercises to help alleviate it and suggested that I live in my trainers for a while.

It won't stop me running, but it won't stop me moaning either.

Please feel free to moan along with me.

*Le sigh*

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Sympathetic sigh.. ahhhh!

Yes.. living in trainers is a look... I had some new ones delivered today, same as my old faithful ones, but I have worn them all day.

Moaning can be good... but make sure you don't injure yourself... I have just ordered some Sorbothane heel shock absorbers today too, as I discovered early on, I do land heavily on my heel. I have them in my old faithful trainers and they will go in these new ones too!


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cathaliciousGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Yes - trainers is a look. Maybe I should just go the whole hog and wear a hoody, baseball cap and a gold chain too ;P

Good luck with your new trainers. I have some very comfy, well fitting Brooks trainers with a built up insole to counterbalance my flat feet, but like you I also land pretty heavily on my heel. The doctor mentioned shock absorbers, I shall look into them.

I have had this condition for a while, well, since I started to get active again really. Walking seems to aggravate it more than running to be honest. I am keeping an eye on it but both my doctor and my PT (who are both c25k graduates) agree that it is safe for me to continue.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to cathalicious

You go for it..☺

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Plantar Faciitis sucks biiiig time😡 I have had it on and off since I was doing 8 Aerobics classes a week in the late 80s while wearing Jazz shoes ( if you don't know what they are google them, they had no padding whatsoever) I now have some permanent nerve damage in my left heel and the only time that I am completely pain free is when I have on my lovely squidgy Asics. I also wear heel pads whenever I a wearing shoes that will accommodate them. If you do the exercises and don't wear the wrong shoes there is no reason that you cannot make the *expletiving expletive* go away . Feel free to moan and express your displeasure as required. Keep on running.

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cathaliciousGraduate in reply to Bundoodle

I am sorry to hear that your experience left you with permanent nerve damage Bundoodle. I don't think mine is at that stage, though being a heavier woman, I should have probably have thought about arch support a little earlier.

Thank you for your advice and licence to moan. Hopefully it will clear up in time :)

I developed plantar about a year ago, did some of the exercises but it never completely went away - 3 days into a month long run of work at the Edinburgh Festival last August and my feet could not cope with the cobbles. Spotted a shoe shop that offered 'comfort' on Princes St - it turned out to be a Hotter shoe shop. Favoured by the more senior lady, I lowered the average age by some, but I bought the Leanne style - hotter.com/gb/en/leanne-shoes. I've never walked out of a shop wearing what I've just bought, but I did that day. The plantar is nowhere near as bad after wearing these regularly. The occasional twinge, that's all. I used to live in Converse, according the Hotter sales person, the worst thing you can wear, no support and pancake flat. I've just got some Brooks for C25K and okay so far. The current range of Leanne doesn't have the colour I bought - take care, I machine washed a pair and they lost loads and loads of colour. I bought more and realised better late than never that there is a removable insole.

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cathaliciousGraduate in reply to SallyLondon

Dammit, I lived in converse trainers for years! We have a hotter's store here. I went in the other day, but there was nothing that really took my fancy. Maybe I should give them a second look.

poppypug profile image

Oh Cath , my sympathies ! It bl**dy hurts PF doesn't it ? Aarrgh I feel your pain :-(

I suffer on and off, I walk 5k to work everyday and used to wear ballet pump flat shoes , my trotters were in ribbons ! I wear a cushioned trainer to walk now, a very painful lesson learnt .

Hope you can get sorted soon xxx

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cathaliciousGraduate in reply to poppypug

Thank you for your reply poppypug. It seems to be a common complaint, painful but not insurmountable. I am currently sitting here in my jimmy jams rolling my foot against a baked bean can. Who knew the glamourous heights to which running would take me?

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Ha ha , Rock n' roll Cath ! 24 hour party people ! :-) xxx

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Ooo ouchy. I have discomfort at the moment which I'm really hoping isn't plantar facidooda. I already wear my trainers alot anyway.

I do hope you get yours sorted x

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cathaliciousGraduate in reply to Noaky12

Hope you do too Noaky12

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Ah Cath i feel your pain and am joining you in the expletives!! Have had PF for 3 years now and despite exercises/ strapping / various custom orthotics/ 2 steroid injections/ excruciating lithotripsy treatment and an extremely flattering night splint am still hobbling around. Am on week 4 run3 at present and am doing it on the QT as I dread being told I have to stop. Just want to do something for myself( hubby is super fit MAMIL cycling 100miles with ease) . Figure that I'm in pain anyway so going to keep on ..Read an article on Best trainers for PF and one recommend was Asics Kayano which I'm living in atm. Also fit flop sandals are bearable . Best of luck to you - hope you heal quickly 👟👣

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cathaliciousGraduate in reply to Indizulu

Yikes Indizulu that sounds pretty unpleasant :(

I don't want to be a negative Nelly, but maybe you should at least talk to your doctor about doing the c25k programme. They might be really supportive or be able to offer you some ideas for a less impactful alternative - you really don't want to make it any worse by the sound of things.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck and hope you find some relief soon x

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The problem with PF is that it has different causes so different treatments work for different people. What really made the difference for me was a pair of supportive slippers (I have a range of fabulously ugly footwear). I've got Halfinger slippers and have now sadly sworn off flip flops for good.

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A lady I know has to wear gel Kayano all the time because of PF. They are THE most expensive darned trainer though. Wouldn't you just know it!

I have pf too. I have had to stop running as although, it stops hurting when I run, it does feel worse afterwards. I wear a lot of ballet pumps for work, including for my 5 minute walk there and am now looking for a pair of "decent" smart shoes. What exercises do people recomend please ? Many thanks.

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redcat123 My doctor gave me a copy of these foot exercises from the Arthritis Research UK webpage to do at home.


Hope this helps :)

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Oh ...and also this stair stretch footlogics.co.za/images/ach...

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I have a dropped met head which I didn't do anything about. I only dealt with it when my knees got pulled out of alignment due to overtight itbs. I spent months with the physio, acupuncture, rehab etc. I pulled the trigger and got custom made orthotics - worth every penny - if you feet arent right, your knees get affected then your back so you may wish to consider a visit to a podiatrist. When we run we put something like 10 X our body weight through our feet so...

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