Running from the knees

Looking at pictures from when I run, I seem to be running just from my knees down. Why? The photos make me look like I am just walking. Nowhere do you see legs up and up. I am certainly not looking like a gazelle. I am wondering about redoing c25k and trying to run from the hips maybe?

Also reading some posts I always though how lucky I was not to hurt myself or never having lots of pain. Could the reason be that I am not using my legs properly?

I have been watching a lot of runners and they look so light and flexible. The whole leg runs. I want to be the same.


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  • I am much the same - but I think that it boils down to the "slow" pace that I run. When I do run "fast" -- showing off as I sprint across the parkrun finish line :) , my feet are moving, my heels are going back and I am airborne !! ) - However I cannot do that for very long!! But when running slowly, it is more like a "shuffle" - at that slow pace there is no need for my legs to do too much!! :)

  • Ah ok. I will give it a go with redoing week 1 and trying to run fast for each 1 minute stretch. If I know I can do it then I will be happy.

  • So is your cadence still 180+ when you run slowly Bazza?

  • Yes -- it seems to be my natural movement - I do sometimes wonder though if I did slow down my cadence a little whether it would be more "efficient" ??

  • I think, like a lot of things, it just takes a lot of practice. If you enjoy your running and you are not injured then you must be doing something right for you. You can't say that Paula Radcliffe's style is "text book" but she's done alright!

    We should run with our legs in a cycling motion from the hips. I doubt I do that but I'm going to get my hubby to take a video of me running so I can check out how I run. You could ask someone to do the same as a photo is after all only a snapshot at a given time and doesn't show the full movement.

  • Good idea Princess, I will get hubby on it

  • I shuffle along looking nothing like someone 'running'. It seems to work though!!

  • I still wish I could fly along

  • I'm the same - I always look like I'm walking (In fact there are time I don't look like I'm even doing that!) - I am pretty slow so again, back to Bazza's point - it may be more to do with speed? (As well as technique)

  • It is good to know I am not the only one...

  • This bloke is a bit painful

    -- but I think that I run like he does !! :) He says that it is "most efficient" ???

  • I think I shuffle from beginning to end!

  • That was really interesting.

  • Bazza, this is a fantastic video clip.

    It is my shuffle!

    The landing of the feet is interesting because I do land flat (tank motion) and i had been trying hard to force my heels to hit the ground first and roll my feet as instructed by Laura and as soon as I start to daydream, my feet land flat again. So problem solved. I will keep landing flat. It is easy.

    The end of the video with the hunched up shuffle reminded me of the dear elderly gentleman at last Sunday Fun run who did the 10K. It was his posture. I will keep this in mind when I increase my distance.

    Thanks for this Bazza

  • You should not be trying to force anything to do with your gait. As wonderful as Laura is, her advice on heel striking is IMO the one flaw in the programme. There is nothing wrong with heel striking f that is what you do naturally, but if you are a mid or forefoot striker you really should not be trying to force that to heelstrikiing - many people would say it is a more efficient running method, and regardless of that argument, you are much more likely to cause yourself injury trying to change to a style that is not your own.

  • Thanks for this info Rignold. I will stick to my flatfish landing and let my feet do the running.....

  • Got a bit distracted by his weird shorts!

  • Oh my! That ultra shuffle is my normal gait, I'd swear it is 😱

  • He He !! Me too!!!

  • That's pretty similar to my shuffling gait. Now, if only I could get some speed behind it.

    Very interesting video.

  • Lets face it - there is a big difference between watching a magnificent Arabian stallion at full gallop - and a Shetland pony trotting to his dinner!!! :) But they are both "running"

  • Prefer the pony if there's dinner at the end of it

  • i agree, horsemeat with roast potatoes, parsnip, etc nom nom :)

  • Ha ha ! :-) xxx

  • Not if the pony eat the dinner first Baileyb 😊

  • We all walk differently so I suppose it's logical that we don't run the same way either. unless anything hurts, I don't see the point of trying to change your gait - you could start putting strain on your body, which wouldn't be a good idea at all.

  • Correct. Changing did hurt while letting it go natural was much easier

  • Oh dear. I do the Ultra Endurance Shuffle all the time!

  • When my bf first saw me run (in currently struggling with wk5 run 2) he laughed and I couldn't understand why. I then noticed I more than shuffle! My thighs/knees barely part at all! He runs like a a prancing dear and us fast. I wish I could run like that but I can barely run the way I do so there's no hope for me. Maybe when I'm fitter/passed c25k I can look at it but I think I'm just gonna look like a shuffling old lady forever :/

  • 😄

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