Couch to 5K

week 9 run 1

managed the run today so excited about this week. wasnt too bad until just over half way through when i found i needed a wee , you know when your running and it just makes the wanting to go even more desperate luckily there was a public loo on my way so i headed there stopped laura and when i came bk wasnt long before she said 5 more minutes i thought wow i must do the loo stop again . also got a bit of shoulder pain maybe the last run i tensed my shoulders up but it didnt stop me going today just made me more aware to try not to do it, prob suffer tomorrow.

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Well done maddykins.

Just back myself from same run. Wasn't too bad.

Out again wednesday.

Good luck...hope shoulder improves (and bladder!)


Well done with getting to wk9, not long till graduation and you can apply for your badge !!!!!!! Congratulations, happy relaxed running and always map a public convenience in and you'll always get round, no excuses :)


oh Don't mention bladders to me!!!! Mine is shot after 3 kids! too much info? sorry!! Well done though for getting there not long now :)


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