The hardest step

Some say the first step is the hardest. I decided about a month ago to start the C25K, and since then I've working really, really hard on coming up with excuses for not starting. Bad weather. Long day at the office. Tired. Other plans. Need new shoes. No time to get new shoes. And so on, and so on.

However, today was the day! Lovely sunshine when I got up, so I went to Snow + Rock in Romford where a friendly assistant manager patiently analysed my gait and whatever else it's called as I built up a sweat on his treadmill, sampling 5 different pairs of shoes. Eventually I decided on a pair of New Balance. The skies looked even brighter when it turned out they were reduced from £85 to £63.

5 minutes ago I came in from my first run. W1R1, I think it's called. Note to self: Must get up to speed on the lingo 'round 'ere. According to <a href="">Google's distance measuring tool</a> the round trip was 3.3 km or just over 2 miles, including the warm-up/cool-down, and 2.2 km excluding them.

I'm glad to finally have gotten started, and tell myself that this was the hardest step. In a few weeks, it will all seem easier.


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10 Replies

  • Well done on getting started, that's the hardest bit. It will get easier and you'll soon be like the rest of us, reporting your progress with pride and working towards the magic 30 mins and graduation. There's lots of support and encouragement on here and we all help to spur each other on when the going gets a bit tough or motivation is lacking. Welcome and good luck.

  • Yes the first step is always the hardest, so it's great that you've done the first run. Trust that the programme will deliver, because it will :)

    Good luck :)

  • Well done you. Where did you run? I moved to the country from Forest Gate so not all that far from you! x

  • I'm in Brentwood town centre, so to and through the King George Playing Fields -- nice to get a bit of running on grass instead of the tarmac. Hope you're happy with the move from Foret Gate :)

  • congratulations :) now youve bought shoes you cant make excuses :)

    keep us updated on your progress

  • Well done on starting, you'll want to keep it up now !

    My shoes are New Balance, I love 'em. Mine cost £85 though :-(

  • Thank you very much for the encouraging comments.

  • Love the move from Forest Gate!! My village is tiny and green!

  • Well done!!!

    You're on your way now and there will be no stopping you :)

    Keep updating and sharing your progress here and the weeks will pass so fast you'll be a C25K graduate in no time.

  • off to a terrific start! Smart and thrifty! Just listen to Laura...: )

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