The first step is the hardest

I've got a bit fitter recently and have started running, but I didn't know about C25K then. 

Yesterday I finally convinced my daughter to start it with me.  For a young adult she's lost her way diet and fitness wise and seemed more de-motivated the fitter i got and the more weight I lost.

But yesterday we did the first run of week one and I was so proud of her.  And for the first time in a long, long time she was proud of herself. 

She was afraid more than anything, afraid of looking ridiculous, afraid of passing out, afraid of not being able to run for a minute, afraid of people hiding her, so she was afraid of taking the first step.  So she faced her fears, and smashed it 😊

We have a goal to do a Race for Life in 8 weeks. Ok so we won't have finished the C25K but we'll be a lot better for doing part of it at least 😊


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  • Whoops! I meant judging her, not hiding, that's what she's been doing 

  • That's great, I am doing it with my daughter too and it is really good to have the company and the moral support.  We spur each other on when one of us is struggling and it is lovely to have that (hate the expression but -) quality time together and a mutual interest in getting fitter and progressing with our running.

  • I'm so pleased she's now doing this with me. And yes, it's 'quality time' (I'm not keen on the phrase either!) and I'm really looking forward to doing Race for Life with her 😊

  • Good for you guys.  I would have loved spending time with my parents like that when I was growing up.  

    If she's prone to passing out or getting light headed, it improves the more you run.  I know the feeling and how miserable it can be.

  • I think it's the anxiety more than anything making her think she'll pass out. I'm making sure she's hydrated, and that neither of us over do it.  But I'll pass that onto her anyway.  Thank you 

  • How wonderful! This is the best decision you both will make for yourselves. Enjoy every minute of it :)

  • Thank you 😊

  • We often hear people saying they wished they had started running earlier in life so 1) well done to your daughter for making a start, 2) well done to you for giving her the courage and support to get out there. 

    Whilst being proud of her, please take the time to give yourself a pat on the back and be proud of yourself for having shared something so positive with her. Lets hope she gets the running bug, gains confidence and that this spills over into other aspects of her life. 

  • When you care for someone, you want the best for them. And I've seen what a huge difference it's made to me, and that's what I want to share with her. And you are absolutely right, confidence can spread from one thing to another, and I really hope that happens for her 😊

  • Well done to you and your daughter - this is such a good programme and I do hope your daughter checks in with us here too! I think so many of us have been anxious when starting out on this journey but I promise you that those worries dissolve as you progress and your fitness and confidence grow. You will both be ready for that Race for Life in 8 week's one way or another - and if you walk a bit too then that's ok. Good luck☺!

  • Yeay... go you two.... that is brilliant.. who cares what folks think..let them stare... I do not give a sausage for them!!!

    You should both be so proud of yourselves..

    Tell your daughter... " Self Confidence is the best outfit ... Rock it and Own it " :)

  • Oh I like that!! That's one to remember 😊

  • Lovely post. 😄

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