Couch to 5K

Running in Turkey!

I was determined to carry on the programme on holiday and as my partner is a runner we packed our running gear and trainers.

I completed week 6 run 3 and week 7 run 1 & 2 whilst on holiday. It was completely flat where we were staying so ideal running conditions. Running past 5 star luxurious hotels in the sunshine was just heaven.

The middle run wasn't brilliant as I wasn't feeling well but the last one was great.

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Wow sounds great what a lovely experience (apart from the middle run!) :)


Lovely - was it very hot ? I suspect I'd struggle in the heat - will hopefully get to find out in France in June......


That sounds nice, how different was it running in the heat? I always imagine you wouldnt be able to breath very well!! I am off to Cuba in two weeks and want to carry on around the hotel resort but it will be 28 deg so the excuses are already creeping into my head. I mean it is holiday after all :)

Well done and Good luck with the next run.


Well done you! Always impressed when people carry on during their holidays! I plan too in both June (Malta) and August (France) just hope I see that through! Hopefully by then I'll have done a few more daylight runs and warmer ones to get used to it! :)


It wasn't that hot first thing - infact it was cloudy until about 10ish and we were running by about 8am so it was a bit like running here.

My partner runs in the gym when we go away in August but I find it makes me feel sick when I get too hot!

We saw loads of people running and its so nice when fellow runners (whatever their nationality) say hello, nod or wave at you! Makes you feel proud to be part of this worldwide running community!



I too am going away in 4 weeks and hope to continue with my running as I have only just started to run outside. I know that it is flat where I am going and will be lovely to run along the beach rather than the streets where I live hopefully it will keep me motivated. Well done you.


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