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Back to the beginning :(

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After completing week 9 on the treadmill I thought I would start running outside in training for Race For Life in July thought it would be a doddle. How wrong was I ?

Found it sooooooo hard I've had to go back to week 2 but I know that I can do it as in the beginning I couldn't manage the treadmill either - must keep trying and turn that frown upside down lol

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I wonder, do you have a way of tracking how far/ fast you're going? Apart from the change of "keeping yourself going" it would give you an idea of pace as you did I guess enter a certain speed into the treadmill?

If you have a smart phone you can get "tracking apps" I use runmeter/cyclemeter and it has a cunning way of announcing how far you've run/ average speed every 5mins (or whatever time interval you set). Apart from that you could track the lengths of your run (or distance you intend to run) on "map my run" and use a stop watch for guidance.

I am sure you will accelerate quickly through the weeks and not need to repeast too many - well done for getting this far!

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Thank you for your reply I do have an i-pod nano which tells me how far I have run and will try using that also I was running on the treadmill at 8 and 8.5 I think that I may have been going to fast when outside and will try to slow myself down. Thanks for your encouragement.

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You did so well getting to week 9. Keep going, I bet it won't take you long to get used to the outside conditions xx

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Thank you. I will keep on running.

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I switched between both outside and treadmill over the 9 weeks and yes, the great outdoors is very different but I'm aiming to build up my outside runs as I'm also doing the Race for Life in July - I'm keen to hear how you get on with the outside runs :)

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Good luck with your run in July hopefully we will both be able to report a good run.

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took me 10 months to venture outside & I found it really hard as well. my children started c25k (they are 12,13 & 15) & I did 1 run a week with them & they did the other runs on the treadmill.

my problem was pace. I just ran too fast outside. having the girls to run with was a lot easier & when they got on to week 5 we did them all outside & have been since.

once you get over 5mins running outside it is easy to build on that. thats what I found as it takes me 5mins to settle into a run.

dont worry. keep it slow & enjoy the new surroundings :) & dont run too fast down the hills :)

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I think I may be running to fast outside and will take your advise and try to slow down. I know it may take a while but will keep on trying. hopefully will try another one this week.

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