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1st week c25k completed

I completed my first week of c25k and I am amazed at myself and surprised as I really enjoyed it. I am also doing weight watchers and have lost 4 stone so far.

My question is after my first week of jogging (as well as walking my dog 6miles a day, which I have done regularly) I got weighed and to my surprise I gained half a pound! Why have I not lost weight? Will I start losing weight again or am I wasting my time? Feel a little disheartened! Any advice please, thank you

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a week is a very short time to lose weight, whatever the magazine covers tell you. And bear in mind you are only running 8 or 9 minutes a day 3 times a week at the moment. Do the whole programme so you are running 30 minutes a time 3 times a week, and do not increase what you eat and you will see weight loss.

That said, weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. And that is diet as in your regular food intake, not 'being on a diet'. If you eat moderate portions of healthy foods and exrecise regularly you will see great results. Eat meat and vegetables, some fruit, as little starch or grains (bread pasta, potatoes, pastry etc) as possible and no refined sugar at all and keep running and the pounds will fall off.

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Hi, you've done so well to shed 4 stone! Running uses surprisingly few calories for all the effort involved and as Rignold says, weight loss is really more about what and how much you eat. With that said, you will, without doubt, see your body shape change. Muscles get firmed up, bits get less wobbly and you will feel more confident about your physique. Lungs and heart will be much healthier. It's worth it for that alone!

Good luck

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Thank you for your replies. I know I have only just started so need to keep with it. I am eating really heLthy - veg meat fruit and wholemeal pasta rice and bread. Hopefully as I get further on the I will firm up and lose the 2 stone I still have to lose. It just surprised me that I had a half pound gain, but hopefully as the weeks progress I will start losing every week again and get to my goal weight and be more toned and healthier!!


Hi Deb. As you start to run your muscles will develop quickly. The thing with muscle is it physically weighs more than fat. Over the time of the program as you run more you will burn more calories so do not worry just continue eating healthly and things will happen. Over 9 weeks I didn't try to lose any weight at all yet when I graduated I had lost 2.5kgs in weight :) keep up the good work all good things will come of it ;) J

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Thanks that seems to make sense. It's just with being a WW member it's all about results on the scales so it was a bit disappointing this week. But I understnad it more from the helpful responses and have taken my measurements so will re-do them every few weeks to help keep me motivated. I can't believe how much I enjoy it and look forward to each run, although I know it will get harder and more challenging.

Looking forward to losing weight and inches and a healthier more toned body. I will update as each week progresses. Thank you


Keep it up its a great feeling to finish it :) J


Fantastic weight loss AND you are enjoying C25K. Just keep up the good work, I say :) The scales take some believing sometimes, don't they? But we all know it's a long term business, this.


Well done on the weight loss. WW works, so keep it up. Starting c25k is great for fitness/health. Tell your doctor and he'll be really pleased. In the very short term weight changes are all about water balance. When I started c25k I didn't lose an ounce for about a month. Very disheartening, but persevere. Don't worry if you don't lose anything, so long as you are eating properly your weight will start coming off again very soon.


Fabulous loss Deb.

I am about to start wk 5 and am also doing WW. I have lost a stone so far but found that since I started the c25k my eating habits haven't changed, I'm tracking my food religiously and am drinking loads of water, my weight loss has really slowed down and most weeks I stay the same. Very demoralising!

But I'm sticking with WW as it does make me think about what I'm putting in my mouth and hopefully when I up the distance and pace of my runs (I am so slow I sometimes wonder if I'm actually moving) I'm hoping the weight will start coming off. I still have another 3 stone to go.

I'm also going to make sure I measure myself regularly.


you won't build muscle! You will tone up what muscles you have

Weight loss will be gradual, and don't expect to lose every week. It's like anything else, if you stick at it you will succeed. The trick is the sticking bit!

I have lost 4 stone 2lbs. Running helps but you must get the food right. Cut out any rubbish and you'll be fine. I do like a bit of cake or a fruity pud but I make my own. You don't need to feel denied a treat

Good luck with it


Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss so far, and WELCOME to the forum.

Weight loss and running don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. As you progress, and run for longer, you may, and I stress, MAY see some weight loss. What you will see though is your muscles devolving and your wobbly bits melting away....the trouble here is that muscle weighs far more than fat.

If you want to see what can be achieved watch 'running for my existence' on YouTube.

I now want you to solemnly promise us all one thing; and that is that you will keep us updated as to how you are getting on.

Good luck and happy running.


I will definitely keep you all updated. Thanks for all the help and advice


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