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Anyone stuck on Run 1 wk 6

Hi there

Im not sure why I, but I am stuck on run 1 wk 6, and getting fed up of course!! Is run 2 wk 6 ok,? I have been doing this particular run now for two weeks more or less- I think I know the words to most of the songs (which are very odd tunes !? anyone else think they have melody lines very similar to many eighties hits?? ) and am just procrastinating the next step (in every way!)

Anyway maybe I should just get off of the laptop and go......: /

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I didn't have that problem but if I had I would definitely have moved on to the next run before I got totally despondent. Why not just go out and try the next run and see what happens, remember just go really slowly. :)


I echo blueboots advice just give the next one a go. I think once you get past week 5 it start becoming more of a mental challenge rather than physical. Hope you logged off and went for it. :) Let us know how you got on


Well, here I am with my favourite vegetables (Beetroot and sweetcorn btw!) and a nice cool glass of water...smug as anything!- Yes, I have just got back from the next step, run 2 wk 6!!

I was not pleased it was the same odd music, but it was in a different order- and I felt fine, so thankyou for the advice and encouragement!

I think sometimes one can underestimate how far too run, and I shoould remember that I have done the non stop 20min run already...



Whoooops I seem toooo like my o buttooon toooo much !


Well done, glad it went well. I never thought I would enjoy a cool glass of water like I do these days. Enjoy the next run. :)


Hi Telecaster, I found week 6 tougher than previous weeks. Well done for going for it! :)


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