Couch to 5K

W3R1 - Completed, phew!

Dragged myself out of bed this morning (5.45am) and took to the roads - stopped briefly before i set off as my cat started to follow me so had to shoo her back to the house!!!

Knees hurt from last run and they started to ache when i began to run but i soon got over that by facing the challenge ahead of a 3 min it was not that bad at all! The session went by really quickly and was soon in my kitchen making a nice peppermint tea!

Running before work makes my day much more worth while and I am more alert. Feels good! -except the slight pain in my knees and now my shins...te he!

2nd run on Saturday at the gym - hopefully my cat won't follow me there too!!

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My cat often follows us down the road, but he has an invisible barrier at a certain point - he sits down and miaouws pathetically after us, as if someone's glued his bottom to the pavement. Must be something to do with his territory......

Well done on your progress - keep going!! I graduated 3 weeks ago having never run before seriously, and am now following a Bridge to 10k programme. This morning's run really helped me to speed up - there is always another challenge ahead, but it just gets better!

PS my knees were not very good either when I started C25K, and they got worse for a bit, but all of a sudden they improved (getting new trainers helped a lot) and I think they've strengthened considerably. If your trainers are correct for your gait then you should be OK.


Well Done !!! Im just behind you and start my Week 3 on Saturday. Did my last Week 2 run this morning, a struggle to get out of bed but did it and felt great afterwards. It also seems to be getting easier. Week 3 will be a challenge but strangely looking forward to it. Keep it up.


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