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Holiday run !

We're on holiday in the northern wastelands of Northumberland this week and today I was due to do W7R1. All my C25K runs so far have been on the treadmill, although I've done a couple of other "runs" outdoors, so this was a bit of a first. I set off at about 7.10 this morning - I'm not familiar with the area so I went backwards and forwards a little bit around the camp site and nearby - no big hills but just the slight but long inclines made it tougher than on the treadmill, and I found it strange not being able to glance at the treadmill to see how long I'd been running for. It seemed a very long 25 minutes and I wasn't very fast but I felt very pleased when I finished. As a bonus, I saw a heron in flight above the river and lots of fluffy bunnies hopping around. And it was lightly raining, something I've discovered is rather pleasant. With the 5 minutes warm up walk and 5 minutes cool down, I only covered 2.98 miles altogether but I'm just glad to have finished. I'll try and explore a bit on the next run :-) And I've walked another 7 miles since this mornings run, so I'm feeling pretty good :-)

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well done with your run, sounds a great place to be, enjoy the week as well as the running. It s great that you have managed to go out and run in a new place, not sure i would have managed that on a break away, you should be really chuffed.


I make it a point of running wherever I am and no matter what the weather. If I'm due a run on that day I do it regardless. Off to Greece next week where I fully intend to Graduate! It's nice running in new areas too. Adds interest! I love it no matter how out of breath I get!


I felt tired and achy before I started but I knew that missing a run might just be the start of going downhill/backwards. I love it here, need to explore more, but there's just something about the area that makes the rain not matter. To be honest, I think I'd struggle more if we were on holiday somewhere hot - I'm not too good with heat.


Sounds good, it's great when you emerge from the treadmill as I have too, not yet braved running in the rain though :)

Well done!


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