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Week 7 Run 1 / Week 9 ???

Having done all my runs so far on the treadmill at the gym I decided to brave Week 7 Run 1 outside and took my (uber fit) sister for some moral support. Did the 5 minute walk and started to run no problem - expecting to find it much more difficult outside because of the hard tarmac and slight inclines etc I was a little pessimistic from the start as to whether I would be able to finish.

How wrong was i ?! Having someone to talk to and distract me worked wonders and before I knew it Laura was telling me my 25 minutes was complete and I could stop. I'd planned my route perfectly so was pretty much back where I had finished my 5 minute warm up walk.

However, my sister decided we were not stopping and urged me to carry on right back to the front door ... and so I did! So I did a Week 9 30 minute run on Sunday - 3 miles in 35 minutes.

Now though I'm not sure how to carry on with the programme, go back to 25 minute runs and complete C25K properly or try and continue with week 9 ??

Any advice??

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Hi Lozzles - I'd carry on as you were and just treat this one as a bonus. I ramped up very quickly at the end to get ready for Sport Relief but ended up knackered and a bit discouraged, even though I could 'do' the later runs. I wish I'd done it 'properly'! If you find you can do the 28 mins etc easily, then you can always speed up a bit and that will help your fitness too.

Also, you don't say what you did after you ran to your front door, but I'd advise even if that happens, that you take yourself off round the block for your cooldown walk before coming indoors. I don't know the science involved, but my understanding is that you still need to keep moving, but more slowly, for a few minutes at the end of each run.

But well done on this fantastic achievement and on 'getting out more'! Enjoy your new-found freedom :-)


Id go back to the program knowing that when those demons start talking you can tell them to go away because you KnOw you CaN do this :)

also I always do my 5min walk at the end. I always wonder when you hear about someone collapsing after a marathon/half marathon if they just came to a complete stop.

besides, if Laura says to do it then it is enough for me :)


don't have any advice for you but wanted to say a big Well Done. You have done brilliantly.


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