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Thought I was meant to get quicker

Now that I've got back into the groove I decided to give 5k a go this morning. What a horrible day!!! I've never started in the rain before but today I have realised weather just brings a whole lot of other dilemas. Find it easy if it's cold but wet....What do I wear??? Think I need to get a water proof jacket. Do I need a shopping trip?

The run was OK although my calfs were a little tight but I put that down to all the dancing I did on Saturday night (it was lots of fun!!) . The good news my compression socks have done the trick and my shins were ok!! My friend Garmin tells me I did 5.03k in 40 min 50 sec and my first and last km were the fastest. I think I need to get better at pacing myself. This is a whole minute and half slower than the first time I did 5km...thought I would have been a little faster by now. Oh well, on to the next run. Wednesday I'm going to just (love saying that) do the 30 mins and see if I can pick up the pace a little.

Enjoy the wet bank holiday!!!! :)

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The 5k time will fluctuate quite a bit, depending on mood, any aches, time of day, and defintely the weather!

I haven't ever STARTED a run in the rain, so I have always just got soaked during the run and not had any specialist clothing. But there must be something out there that you could buy for such an occasion :)


i'm going to have to find myself a light weight rain running jacket too... Spotted one in TKMax the other week (think it was Nike ) but not my size, shopping trip a must :)

(actively shopping for sports gear and all it took was 9 mad weeks lol :) )

by the way apparently ( according to marathon running friend) you have to choose one training method increase distance or pace and not try to do both at the same time


I'm going to stay with 5km for now (as max) and do that once a week (do a distance rather than time) and for the other 2 runs do 30 mins but try to go theory should cover more distance. Well that's the plan let's see how this week goes


To me that time for a 5k is really respectable.

In the rain I just run in a normal raincoat and it drives me crazy! Think I'll be joining you on that shopping trip.


Thanks 7-of-us. I know it's an OK time (and the real runners at work tell me that too) but it seems that I am impatient to do better!!! I think I need to remind myself where I was 12 weeks ago!! :)


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