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thought this was meant to get easier?!

having done W6R3 reasonally comfortably and completed W7R1 without too much pain, yesterday I did W7R2 and felt like my legs had turned into jelly! I could have cried when Laura said that I'd only done halfway and still had another 12.5 mins to go but I carried on and managed to complete it.

So pleased I perservered as I have managed to follow the programme so far but was definitely glad when I finished!!

Still, W7R3 is on Saturday so hopefully it will fly by and I'll be confident for week 8.

Getting very close to graduation run!!!!

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Well done hevskii keep going it is not long now! Ed


You carried on and managed to finish so good on you. Good luck with saturdays run.


You are doing wonderfully, hevskii!! You are down to just more than two weeks and you will be through the program!!! That sounds like a large bit of success to me!!

Now, why would this be getting easier? EVERY week you are pushed a bit more. We forget that every week actually gets a bit harder!!! We run for longer times and with fewer breaks!! :-) We naturally expect things to get easier as we do them longer, but we shouldn't during this program since we are actually challenging ourselves more and more each week!!

Keep your head up and knock these runs out of the park!!! YOU HAVE GOT THIS!!! :-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Well done on getting to wk 7, the end is in sight!

I found wk 7 the hardest of all, I think that's partly because I thought I should be finding it easier, but also with graduation in sight my mind kept planting doubts that even though I'd come so far I wouldn't be able to finish. The good news is that as many people have said before this program works. Each week is challenge, but it forces you to progress. You pushed on and finished w7r2 and I'm sure you'll make it through your remaining runs too

Looking forward to hearing when you graduate! Good luck


I found week 7 hard. Just keep on running and before you know it you will have graduated. Well done for persevering.


I had a grand illusion that by the time I reached week 7, I would be a good and proper runner and it would be a breeze. NOT! :-) I found clear through graduation and beyond, I am still challenging my body enough building stamina, that each run is never easy. You will get there though, and you have proved to yourself you will finish the program. Best wishes to you! :-) Gayle


Never forget, each week is longer, so why would it be easier. You will be able to complete it now though, you have proved that by getting to week 7.

Keep at it, it will get easier eventually when you stop trying to go further, or faster.


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