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C'mon Malcy - you're meant to be fit!


With better weather, it was time to hit the streets of my local town for a new season of outdoor running. I've read lots of supportive blogs from those who have done the C25K+ podcasts with Laura. Only one option, really. Get my earphones, plug them in and jump in!

Like my local Parkrun, there's a nice loop of about a mile - perfect. Three laps would be almost exactly 5k. Now, I know these podcasts don't take you a full 5k. I did the 'speed' podcast - 6 cycles of 2 mins (1 fast, 1 slower) but I don't care, do I? I can do more than 12 stinkin' minutes.

It just shows how you can underestimate a change in routine. The first three reps were great - a bit of a novelty, and it really did feel good to be upping the pace. Rep 4 was OK, but by #5 the little chimp on my shoulder was telling me just to call it a day. I did finish all six though, and continued back to the car park. But oh boy - did I struggle with that last half mile.

I guess that's why Laura only asks us to do the warm up, reps, cool down. Because it's too much to do half an hour AND the speed reps. Do I still think I'm the god of hell fire? Of course I am. But tonight, the flames have died down and only the embers are glowing. It's also going to add an extra dimension to my 5x50 efforts.

Still ... things can only get better!

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Hi Malcy. The speed podcast is very deceiving, isn't it? On paper it should be simple but the reality is something different. I've been using the 5k+ podcasts since graduation back in October and find that they do help, especially with speed.

Thanks for setting up the Malcymeter - I'm really enjoying checking out the data! :)


Morning Malcy! Speed is fantastic but an absolute cream cracker-er ! I use it a lot and find it really helps, but you mustn't underestimate it. I also think it's 'normal' to do the first 3 intervals quicker than the rest.

And thank you again for the great website :-)

MalcyGraduate in reply to DeliaItaly

Thanks for the encouragement from yourself and oona. I'm presuming that it'll be similar to strting out on the great adventure run for whole minute? Became - how long do I have to wait until I get to do the 30 minutes? so hopefully the first speed being a struggle will become "pah - faster, faster!" (:->) But I guess it'll take time.

DeliaItalyGraduate in reply to Malcy

Yeah, that's kind of it really. You get faster and faster on the second sprints. Speed makes me breathless -- Bridge to 10 K does not -- how's that for oddness?

MalcyGraduate in reply to Malcy

Sorry for the typos. on-screen keyboards aren't the bet invention ever ...

I've not tried these podcasts, I've not had an issue with Stamina yet but I could do with a little guiding hand with Speed so I might give the speed one a try :)

You're right about routine and it's good practice to 'mix things up' a little every now and again for that reason!


Great work on the 5x50 stats. :) Still trying to work out how you grab all the info from the various pages. How about a favicon to top it all off?

I just did the Speed podcast this morning, and have to say I thought it great. But I'm much better at, and more used to, doing short bursts of intense exercise than the long sustained effort that running entails. So it probably suited me better than running steadily for 30 minutes or longer - but I'm working on that. :)


I really liked the Speed podcast, it's deceptive just how hard a run it is. I think it really worked too. I've been able to do big chunks of 5k runs at what was my old "sprint" pace


I find Speed tough (much more so than easy pace long distance) but have read that it's better to run the first few intervals not at full pelt and hold something back for the last few. It makes sense but takes practice to get right.


I'm impressed, Malcy, and not just with the Malcymeter. Are you telling me you did a 30 minute run AND THEN Speed? Wow! Just doing Speed is plenty for me :O Keep it up!

MalcyGraduate in reply to Anniemurph

Nah - I'm not that good (:->) Jsut did the 5k, during which I did the speed elements. So it was about half an hour run, of which 6 mins was at speed. Doesn't sound much but it fairly bit me in the backside!

AnniemurphGraduate in reply to Malcy

Phew! The Speed podcast totally wiped me out - I couldn't imagine doing extra on top of it! It sounds like you had a great workout though :)


I used Speed Podcast last summer a lot, first couple of times was hard but then I got into it big time and loved it. It was I believe the reason I was able to get a new PB every month at Parkrun, also helped me get from 5K to 10K in quite a short time. Will have to get back to it again just need to be sure my old injury will not flare up again.

MalcyGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thanks oldgirl. That's encouraging. Now the better weather is hopefully here, I'm sure we'll all be feeling a bit more like stretching the boundaries.


When I completed C25K I used the Speed podcast once a week for several weeks as I built up to running 10K. Like many others here I did one Speed run, one Stamina run and one Long Slow Distance run each week to reach 10 - 15 km.

Unlike others I don't really enjoy running fast intervals (I much prefer running greater distances), but saw the weekly Speed run as a 'Training Session'. I don't think I managed to complete all six fast intervals on my first attempt, but over the weeks I progressed and even doubled* the podcast to make 12 intervals. I haven't completed all 12 intervals as I switched to an Audiofuel podcast I bought as I found the music and coach on that drove me harder. I've not done any intervals training for a few weeks as I've been concentrating on hill training for the hilly 10K races.

*I just cut and spliced the podcast using Window MovieMaker, simply because that was a program I knew! Luckily the file worked in my mp3 player.

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