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I never thought I would get this far

I have avoided running my whole life. Now at 46. I am learning to run and for the first time ever feel like I am getting somewhere. I love the podcast. Ok sometimes you can see me mumbling under my breath when I think I can't start the next run but if you secretly watch me you will see the big smile when I finish that days podcast. I'm nervous about next weeks run. To me that seems like proper running coming up. Yikes. It's an inspiration to read all the posts here as I don't feel alone. So thanks to everyone.

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Your an inspiration too, you've got this far and you have done the prep work, you will be able to go on and complete the program just like hundreds before you. All you need is faith, faith in the program and faith in yourself. Keep that big smile going and keep on running :)


You can do it, believe in yourself, good luck :)


Thanks everyone, I'm actually feeling a little excited about my next run. So great to hear how everyone is doing.


I always hated sports in general and running in particular so I totally hear you about starting it "late" (I'm 32). You'll see that you can do it. Achieving each run will give you really high satisfaction and you'll slowly be building confidence over time. Go at your pace, what's important is that you don't give up because it is sooooo worth it. Running have positively changed my life and I wish the same for you. Good luck! :-D


You only mumble??? I swear .... quite often , at poor Laura and she doesn't really deserve that when she's there to help us,does she ?

Like DavD I loathed all sport at school too,but in recent years always had a sneaky admiration for runners ,always wanted to just be able to go out for a run/ jog when the fancy takes and not end up in a sweaty,crimson -faced heap ( hopefully that will be achieved at some point ! ).Starting C25K has been so much more than I thought it could be, achievement, confidence ,

all positive stuff -and a real sense of belonging to a great club of like- minded people who can inspire you,cheer you on when you achieve,give advice and pull you up when you're down...what's not to like 'they ' say ??!!

Have a great weekend and good luck with next week's runs :)


Hehe, so I am not alone with the crimson face. I live with the thought one day I can call myself a runner and with all the support here, for the first time ever I can actually feel that that is going to happen.


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