Thought it was all going too well 😬

When I wrote my post after my first week 9 run on Monday, I deliberately left out the little fact that my new shoes gave me blisters on my heels. Ignore it and maybe it will go away - or not !

I have those special blister plasters on but wondered if anyone else has helpful tips to make life more comfortable. I'm determined to go and do run 2 tomorrow morning first thing but the shoes have become my gremlins 😱 I've lived in sandals without heels since Monday morning !

I'm beginning to wonder if the wasp chewing woman is actually a witch who put a spell on me !!


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27 Replies

  • Do the blisters still have fluid in them because you could pass a sterile needle through them and let the fluid out and that should let it dry out

  • Can you run in your old shoes - or have you got rid of them?

  • The old shoes were returned - I only got news ones because the others were already forming holes after 2 months. Now wishing I'd just let them fall apart !

  • They burst underneath the plasters I put on. I changed them this morning. One us not too bad but the other is larger and only burst this morning I think. Am already wishing I'd lanced it straight away.

  • Where abouts are your blisters? I'm not sure if this will really help, but before starting to run I did a fair bit of hiking. I used to get really bad blisters after marathon walks on my toes (especially as they're not perfectly straight). Someone recommended toe socks to help avoid the friction and they definitely did help. I only have the thick walking versions of these so can't say anything about the running ones.

  • Mine are right on the heel. Frustratingly I was wearing the double layered anti blister socks - they don't work then !

  • Oh dear! Can't help I'm afraid but hope you get some good advice.

  • Eeeeeew, I feel for you. Still got mine :( For what it's worth, my little corn cushions covered in gaffer tape worked a treat for me (to make it through the runs) but mine were totally raw, no good if they're still 'whole' as it were. ☺

  • I think mine are too big for corn cushions but maybe I'll cycle up to the pharmacy to check them out. Am worried I now have the wrong shoes. Could be an expensive mistake !

  • I use the gel sort, compeed, they are big and cover the area and cushion it. Leave them on a few days and they fall off when ready. Then let fresh air get at them.

    The chemist will give you best advice though. Hope they feel better soon.

  • That's what I have on at the moment. Think I'm going to try McFitty 's duct tape idea over the top in the morning. Have just asked hubby to pick some up. He obviously thinks we are all nuts !😀

  • Oh no! Not now when you are so close.

    I use Spenco Second Skin. There are three parts to it. If you just want to prevent rubbing then the plaster is enough, or you can include the gel and/or the padding.

    The plasters stay on even in the pool or shower.

  • I know!! I really enjoyed Monday's run too - even though I knew the shoes were rubbing. Why oh why did I change the shoes !!

  • Sorry, full link is

  • Have found it on Amazon. Might see what my local pharmacies has in stock.

  • Oh dear! New shoes should definitely not give you blisters - go back to the shop for advice, you may need to lace them differently to stop them slipping.

    I use compeed blister plasters if I ever get blister - I ever have from my running shoes though.

    Hope they mend soon - they do hurt don't they!

  • Well I now have moleskin to make a protective pad - the corn plasters were too small so I shall cut a hole in the centre to blister size. Also a sturdy tape recommended by the pharmacist to hold it all securely in place.

    Gremlins are still telling me they don't like those shoes though 😬😬. Tomorrow morning will be interesting!

  • Do take care tomorrow. You will probably be done by the time I get up! We are supposed to be doing a 7 mile walk tomorrow but it has been raining since about 3pm so it will be very muddy. If we wimp out I will try for my second week nine run.

  • Thanks and you'll see my post - I did it. Just one to go. I will look to see if you get your done today too. We may both graduate together 😀 My final run is scheduled for Saturday morning.

  • Well we are not walking after all. I had to get up in the night to put Ibuleve on my foot and it is still a bit sore, but not in the same way as before I put the gels in my running shoes. I thought I had sorted my hiking boots and they seemed fine yesterday but I think the right one is too narrow. Only did 3k on easy tracks so it must be the boots. I have never really taken to them and keep using my old ones which are fine apart from a small cut in the top (from lava rock in Lanzarote).

    I am of course tempted to run but will wait a while to see how it feels.

  • Well whatever you do good luck with it. amazing how different shoes and boots can make us feel. I hope your foot is better today. Will be watching for you:-)

  • I got a blister with my shoes the first time I wore them. Like you they were replacements for the original ones which gained a hole a few weeks in! I used regular plasters on the heel and also stuck one inside the back of the shoe which lasted for weeks! Hope your feet recover soon.

  • In addition to the special blister plasters put on two sets of running socks.Then most the friction will be between the socks not between your foot and socks. This does little to reduce pain of current blister but by reducing friction will make it heel faster and prevent new ones. Secondly apply vaseline over the blister plaster.

  • Thanks. I read somewhere about Vaseline but hadn't thought about putting it over the plaster. Will try anything ! 😀

  • Oh no! The shoes really shouldn't give you blisters, can you go back to the shop for advice? I have also heard good things about socks with separate toes - the Injinji ones.

  • Ouch, I have been incredibly lucky as my cheap and cheerful runners have never rubbed, but ordinary shoes always have done! I keep a good supply of shoe and foot cushioning in stock, I then stick it to the backs of shoes that are rubbing. I also have a scary looking shoe stretcher!

    But I would definitely be complaining about the new runners, did your original pair give you blisters at the start too? Good luck.

  • Wife had persistant blister, bought a pair of hilly antiblister socks which worked, but really, blisters shouldn't be bothersome if doing low mileages, and usually only show up more with marathon runners. If your new shoe's are slightly too big letting the foot move around then that could also be the cause, so good you are taking them back for a correct fitment..😊

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