W7r2 - what a day!

Despite a subtle trail laid on Mr Rambling's blog and a number of folk from here adding their comments hubby didn't get the scent and find the C25k blogs.  Even when I signed him in and nonchalantly alerted him over breakfast to his email from HealthUnlocked he still didn't rise to the bait - "must be spam".  Even when the hits on his 'Top tips for new runners'  blog began to reach unprecedented numbers (over 150!) he still didn't work out that something unusual was going on,  We were itching to spill the beans but felt we had to keep up the pretence.  There was nothing for it, I wouldn't be able to squeeze in a run before lunch, we would have to wait until after church and switch to plan B.

As hubby drove to collect my mother to join us for lunch we came home to prepare and left the iced Easter egg on the doorstep for him to find - as if it had been left quietly by someone and we didn't know.  Hubby appeared in the kitchen having bypassed the package.  "what happened?" I asked my little spy.  " he didn't want to pick it up in case it spoiled a surprise you'd set up for us".  He can be maddingly considerate sometimes.  We devised a little 'argument' in the hallway.  "No, we're not hiding Easter eggs outside before lunch, it might rain.  What do you mean, there's one out there already?".  We retrieved it and gave it to hubby, denying all knowledge.  Inside was a note with the C25k website address and passwords so he could contribute.  He looked even more baffled at the note on the egg - "Thanks from a secret runner".  As he logged in he spotted the name Beckipeg and the secret was revealed.  With a huge grin on his face he started to read all the comments.  Poppy delivered her contribution, a note detailing her role and why we'd done all that we had (mega soppy).  

THANK YOU, THANK YOU all for being so encouraging!  It wouldn't be the same without you and I can guarantee that this would have been another project that I would have started and not progressed.

We spent the afternoon in between our annual easter egg hunt in the garden filling in the gaps for Mr Ramblings and then got him to turn over the egg to see a further message - "Join me for a run?".   With the kids suitably distracted we told them that we would be gone for about half an hour.  Poppy couldn't believe her luck to see two pairs of trainers being laced up and shot out of the door without needing to be asked.   We followed Laura's w6r3 podcast and retraced some of my favourite routes with Poppy taking the lead.  As I pounded my way along the trail at my top speed hubby walked alongside, but we did it again 25 minutes non stop and Laura said "congratulations, you're a runner".  We threw our hands in the air and cheered out loud.  Poppy celebrated with the bone I'd promised her a while ago.  We had no choice but to celebrate with a glass of water and CHOCOLATE!  It is Easter Sunday after all!

Youngest daughter was sad this evening.  "Now everyone knows does that mean you won't be borrowing my mp3 player any more?".  Not at all, I'm not finished yet and will be back to record my progress on the rest of w7 and beyond - and I still haven't actually lost any weight although I do feel much fitter - there's more work to be done yet.  She grinned, and hubby is still grinning.



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17 Replies

  • Wonderful :-)

  • emotional :)

  • Love it!

  • fantastic X

  • Great stuff, it took a while but the penny eventually dropped lol.

  • Oh god I love this, I actually have a lump in my throat ! THANK YOU!!;)

  • great work on your behalf. good job you didnt tell him on april fools day

  • Love it!

  • Awwww that's just lovely :-)

  • Oh my - so much goodness in one day!! So heartwarming - thanks so much for sharing it with us :-) :-) :-)

  • Lovely :)

  • Brilliant! Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  • Fantastic!!! :)

  • Aah! Wonderful!

  • This is lovely, I can just imagine you and Mr R going out together. Its really sweet.

  • Brilliant! "Great reveal" as they would say on a TV talent show :-)

    Really enjoyed this story unfurling and am grateful you spent the time and effort to share it with us all.

  • Brilliant! I've been in Turkey for a week on holiday and wondered whether the secret would be out! Just caught up with it all....

    Well done! I had a tear in my eye as I read your latest blog


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