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onto next stage..still needing support!!

I have graduated (taken me 7 months after an illness) and now running over 30 minutes, I am going to start bridge to 10k soon. I seem to remember there was a group for after couch to 5k on old NHS site (shows how long its taken me to get to this point!!) Does this exist? I feel I need hand holding still at this stage to move on, or to use this discussion forum still. I do love reading all blogs etc still....

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No the old site was transitioned here and the post C25K area didn't make the cut but most of us are still here :-)

I don't think anyone would mind following your progress on the next phase though? Might be useful even for those following on behind.


Thanks Greg, will post how it is going! Just playing with it a bit now, adding on 5 minutes a week and still loving every second, even asked for a garmin for my birthday!! This site has been my inspiration and glad that I can stay here!!


I'm an advocate for staying with the community here it makes for a good mix of experience - liking your b'day request :) loving mine


Hear, hear!! I get the impression there are more and more of us 'graddies' now, so let's share the goodness! But also, I've seen that Laura monitors our posts, so if enough people are up to 'beyond C25K' then hopefully they might set up a forum for us.. but let's keep going on here cos it's so good to encourage newbies!


I 'graduated' in March last year and went onto the old nhs 'beyond c25k' forum. Most of us are still here! I also still need support, hence the occasional blogs! It's also fun keeping in touch with everyone; it's like having a running family!

I'd love to hear how you're getting on, so look forward to reading your blogs!


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