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Holding onto treadmill

Second go at wk 1 today, using treadmill at gym. I find myself holding onto the handlebar thingy when brisk walking and running. Is this normal, I'm finding my shoulders a bit stiff during and after. Maybe I'm a scared to let go in case I slide right off the end! I also feel unsteady on my feet when not holding on for support. Thoughts please, thanks :)

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I know I couldn't do it on a treadmill. I wobble around something chronic and I know I would fall off the end! I think you need to hold on but why not try a run outside? It's lovely in the fresh air! My neck gets stiff if I watch the ground. Keep your head up and your shoulders relaxed as possible.


No, you shouldn't be holding on really. If you do, you're not running in a natural position and I suspect that's what's causing the stiffness. I agree with Beek- run outside!


Oh would have to psyche myself up for that! So self conscious at this stage.


I run on a treadmill and don't hold on. Haven't fallen off yet! :)

I /hate/ running outside, but am also comfortable with treadmills, so it wasn't a fear I had to overcome.

Maybe do a practice one where you just walk fast then move up to a jog, then a run?


It took me ages and I mean ages to get used to running on a dreadmill (hence my name for them) I found the best way was to start very slowly and build up speed very gradually, only moving to a faster pace when I was comfortable and confident. I also slowed down very slowly too otherwise if I stopped it too quickly I was like a drunk when I got off, staggering about :) I always run outside unless its just not possible due to very bad weather in the middle of the winter. Don't give up on it you will get used to it in time.


Thanks old girl, think maybe a bit impatient and want to run before I can walk, lol.


Start walking slowly - be sure you know the controls without thinking and remember the take a little time to speed up and slow down.

You will get more comfortable with it try an emergency stop.

At a push to start with you can rest a hand on the bar just one. Even that will cause your posture to be compromised.

Oldgirl is right allow time for a warm-up and cool down.

Just build it up gently and you will be fine.


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