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I've amazed myself...W4 R1 completed!

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So...this morning I really didn't feel like going for a run, but knew that if I left it until the afternoon I'd have to go in the rain. I've been dreading week four, and, to be honest, I found it difficult. I took it very slowly (so much so that it was hardly slower than walking). Is this still useful? I hope so...

But I did it, despite my misgivings. I can hardly believe that I ran for 16 minutes. Who'd have thought it? Next run on Friday...wish me luck.

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Well done and good luck! :)

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Excellent job!

You'll do brilliantly on your next run, keep positive.

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Well done and good luck. Thanks for making me feel better, I will be in your footsteps on Friday morning running (?) W4 R1. Its good to know thats its not quite as scary as it sounds! Wish me luck.

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good luck. 16 mins, thats twice the amount you ran in week 1! you are doing so well.

take each run as it comes & dont worry about speed. you are faster than if you were sitting on the couch :)

keep running

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AhateumezaleaGraduate in reply to shelleymcb

I will remind myself that each time I don't want to go for a run - any running is better than being on the couch!

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Really don't worry about the speed or lack of it, the aim is to keep running at whatever speed you can. You are doing great and as others have said you are not on the couch. :)

Well done. Speed is something that can easily grow over time. I can feel that some days I'm running faster than other days.

I felt the same way this morning. It's one thing running in the lovely clear mornings we've had recently but today's cold & darkness was a whole other battle. Feel even prouder of yourself!!

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There are some system I think my dog has to slow down when we start running! Seriously... I'm concentrating on the minutes rather than the distance (W4R3 just completed). Good luck on tomorrow's run!

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well done ! just done it too......... not easy !!!!

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AhateumezaleaGraduate in reply to Hidden

I've just got back from doing W4 R2 and am amazed that it felt easier than the first run of the week. 5 minutes still feels like a loooong time, but I can definitely feel my fitness improving :-). Best of luck!

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