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C25K week 4 run 1

So the fateful day had arrived, it was time to attempt to defeat my nemesis ! Having read what week 4 consisted of I have been dreading it.

I did it...................... I didn't stop running unless I was supposed to - I am so proud of myself, I honestly thought it was going to be too hard. It was cold n windy and then it started to rain but I battled through, I feel such a sense if achievement that I am actually looking forward to Monday's run :-)

Thank you for reading.....I just wanted to share :-)

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Yay, well done! You are right to be proud of yourself, and don't worry, you can do this. Trust the programme because it works. Let us know how it goes - keep blogging :)



I found week 4 run 2 yesterday easier than run 1!


Yay! Well done. I was so pleased to do this - I am doing week 4 run 1 tomorrow and am very nervous!


Well done you! I did w4 run 1 again yesterday (had to have a week off with gastric bug!) Have to say I really felt it, not having run for a week. Have so missed that feeling afterwards! It's great when you realise you can do it isn't it?


Excellent I am just about to start week five with the same trepidation,hoping I can be brave like you. Well done and good luck.


Im sharing in your pride in yourself too,coz Ive just done W4R1 aswell. Giant pat on the back for both of us, plus everyone else doing this, and encouraging us every step of the way.Well done X


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