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I did it, 9 whole weeks!

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On Friday I graduated, woohoo :D

I had a bit of a mental battle getting myself out the door and didn't end up leaving until 8pm. I was brave and wore my new bright pink florescent jacket, some blokes tooted and shouted something out of their car at me near the end (I doubt it was complimentary) but I just thought I don't care if I look stupid I'm nearly there! I managed to do 4.4k in 30mins which I'm happy with and confident I can get to 5k very soon.

I'm going to keep up the 30min runs until the end of this month when I have my 5k race. Then I'm going straight into a 10k programme as I've already signed up to another race in June!

The other good news is that I have lost a total of 10lbs since the start of the programme and I'm now into the healthy BMI bracket :D I feel like I have loads more energy and also see an improvement in my breathing (asthmatic).

For anyone thinking of doing C25K I can't recommend it enough. Having Laura and all you guys encouraging me every week has been such a huge motivator. I'm the type of person that always gives up so this is a great achievement.

Over and out :)

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shelleymcb profile image

thats fantastic Rose. well done :)

& good luck with your next 5k! are you doing B210K now?

happy running. X

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Rose885Graduate in reply to shelleymcb

Thank you! I was thinking about following the Bupa 10k plan since I've been having a lot of problems playing the podcasts on my phone. Looking forward to making up my own playlists to listen to. :)

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Congrats :-) so pleased for you xxxxx

Well done on your achievements! Good luck with your 5k race later this month :)

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That's fantastic well done on graduating and also on the weight loss!! :)

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Congratulations on graduating and on getting into the healthy BMI range. Good luck with your races. :)

BTX4 profile image

Well done!!! Great news. That is a good pace too.

Like the sound of the pink jacket - well you are a 'proper' runner now so why not??

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Fantastic, well done! I am still so self conscious running in public. Great to hear of the improvement in your asthma! Mine seems to have flared up again but not actually when I am running!

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Very well done! Also great weight loss too! Hope you keep at it and maintain this fitmess level.


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Fantastic!! Congratulations on graduating! :)

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whoooooopie well done you . I can't wait until I can say I've done it too. x

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Thank you everyone! I hope I can keep it up :)

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Well done Rose, I bet you didn't look stupid, I bet you looked like a runner. Your comment has really inspired me, I just finished week 1 and am kind of looking forward to week 2. My breathing is dreadful because of my weight and I really hope to improve it and get some energy. Congratulations and well done for looking to the future and aiming even higher.

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