Couch to 5K

week 7, run 1 - not as bad as I thought!

I had an extra day off this week, as when i did wk 6 run 3 I felt really sick and was beginning to question what I was doing, so decided to wait 2 days before doing it. This was definitely the right decision, other people on here have said "listen to your body" and they are so right. I managed the 25 minutes at a good pace (for me) and felt much happier. I still haven't made it to 4k.

It's not easy, it certainly is a long 25 minutes but i really have to pinch myself to believe I can actually run for that long! am going to do this week on the treadmill as I can't get outside til next weekend, but will definitely do a 25 mins outside before I move on to week 8, the end is now is sight! good luck to everyone else! have signed upto race for life 5k in June and my goal is to complete it in less than 30 mins, so will have something to aim for when I finish, plus raising some money for an excellent cause! has anyone else signed up for it?

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Well done on the 25 min run :)

I've just finished week 7 and including w6r3 I did the first three 25 min runs on the treadmill and did the last run of week 7 outside, so I'm mixing them up. I'm nowhere near 4k either, just plodding along at my own pace, but I've also signed up for the Race for Life in July.

Am aiming to do a couple of parkruns when I've managed to do a 5k, before the race for life and I'm hoping to run the parkrun 5k within 40 mins as I don't want to be the last one to finish!


thats great. thats twice youve run for 25mins now :)

Ive also signed up for race for life in july, along with my 2 daughters (week 6) & maybe daughter no 3 if she gets to week 6 (week 2 now).

considering the brighton half marathon next year, for "send a cow".

Ive too moved outside after 10 months of treadmill. the difference is amazing. all these new muscles activated & aching :)

& wont mention hills ;)


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