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week 6 run 2

ive really been dreading week 5 & 6 but it really has been a turning point as far as my fitness goes, ive really noticed how much quicker i recover and i dont get in such a sweaty puffy mess in the first place! when exactly will the body start following suilt though? still feel like i am stumbling along rather than running and why does my body feel as heavy as concreate when i try to move it? Anyways week 6 run 2 done in the DAY LIGHT and also while wearing LYCRA lol found some jogging btms in the btm of my wardrobe which i must of brought last time i tried to exercise! Lastly laura ive grown rather fond of you but that song "two feet on the ground" or something just NO! Keep going everyone and thanks for listening:))

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Fabulous well done! I'm well impressed with the lycra too but what happened with the jumper? :o)


Loving the lycra image! Lol!! Still in baggy trackie bottoms myself! One day, eh!


ha ha, love the lycra bit! I still think cyclists look worse than runners, so might brave some myself one day! good luck with the next run!


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