w9r2 - feeling sick

Very strange, I had to stop at the 25min mark today because I was feeling really sick - like I actually might puke, infact I still feel a bit sick.

Now I normally run first thing on an empty stomach but today I ran after work and I was hungry when I set out but didn't want to eat first - but I don't think it's hungriness because I normally run on empty. I had some nuts and an apple in the afternoon - could this be it? I felt horrible! I hope it doesn't happen on my graduation run - I want to finish the full 30mins!

Anyone had this happen?

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  • Did you have enough to drink beforehand?

  • Hi, As Beckipeg asks, I run in early evening and if am not hydrated through the day and drink a lot in afternoon, have felt sick...

  • There are also some nasty sickness/nausea bugs around, so it might just be something like that coming on....

  • i felt really sick on wk 6 run 3, it was definitely dehydration, but well done for getting so far!

  • I could have been a bit dehydrated actually - thanks peeps!

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