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W4R1 - wow!

Just finished first run of week four and it was the first time I really felt like my legs weren't gonna make it - don't know how I got through it.

The first 3 minute jog seemed easier than they had last week but I couldn't believe how long 5 minutes seems, I thought it must be nearly over when Laura chirped up with "you're two and a half minutes in", doh!

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I've just got back from week 4 run 2. I think it is all about pacing urself, don't push urself too hard too soon and u may find it easier. It's better to keep going ahit slower than stop. Also it may have just been a bad run, I felt like that week 3 run 3 which made me worry about week 4 but advice from on here was just pace urself. Have a rest day and give it another go. Good luck :o)


Completed W4R3 this afternoon. Had been 5 days since W4R2 as I'd hurt my knee and was away for a couple of days so was kinda dreading the 5 minute runs. The first one seemed really hard but I think I must have relaxed into it or something as the second one went by much easier - feeling really chuffed that I completed it!

Just been looking at what's coming up in week 5 and quite nervous about the 20min run, eeek!


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