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W5 R1

Just completed the first run of week 5, and despite all the congratulations from the lovely Laura at the end I feel a little disappointed. I actually ran less distance during the podcast (though managed to keep going at the end of the last run for about 2/3 minutes) and it added over a minute to my time for 2.1 miles. On top of all that I felt way more drained than at the end of week 4. I suppose I should take heart from being able to run for longer, and with less rest, but I am a man driven by goals and to add a minute to my time is a bit of a bummer. Will wait and see what run 2 has in store, at this rate the third one will be a real stretch!!

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You'll have plenty of time from now on to stretch your running wings. I thought wk5r1 was very achievable but the are many stepper challenges ahead for us goal driven types :)


* stepper should read steeper ( darn typing on an iPad!)


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