Moving into week 9!

Moving into week 9!

So yesterday I did Week 8 Run 3. I ran to meet some friends for dinner. Yes, I was a bit warm and sweaty on arrival, but the feeling of accomplishment was high! Also how exciting to "run" somewhere to do something!

Other differences - did a 4km walk with boyfriend and friend at the weekend - not out of puff once AND walked home from dinner last night again - not out of puff.

I have so much more energy! Attached jpg is how I feel today :-)

OK so I am still a long way off 5k in 30 mins (currently doing 3km in 28mins) but hey look at how I compare to January!

Thanks for all your encouragement!

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  • Brilliant

  • Great job, loving the piccy too :)

  • Love the pic! Well done on completing week 8 and also walking 4k without puffing, I also did a 4k walk yesterday and noticed the same thing, no huffing and puffing - this plan is brilliant! :)

  • Love the picture, did you get that slim by running :) It's great having that extra energy.

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