What to eat for dinner after a Couchto5k run?

Sorry if question asked already but newbie and couldn't find the answer.

So I'm on Wk1 Run2 today and same as Wk1 Run1 I am starving. Like I could eat my 3 bed house... starving. I'm not dieting as going to use the running to loose the last stone and to tone up, However I do need extra calories than the "normal woman" due to breastfeeding. So basically, what substantial and healthy meal will stop the starvation I am feeling post run?

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  • I am told that post exercise protein is required and as I don't have much other source of calcium I tend to eat yoghurt immediately as I don't fancy anything for a while after. I don't know but suspect if breastfeeding you need extra protein too. I think you probably need to eat lots of good quality protein and carb rich foods such as pasta with meat, fish or veggie alternatives. Do you have a health visitor you could discuss with?

  • HV's answer would be "well stop breastfeeding" :( not helpful

    I felt guilty on Wk1R1 as I ate a tine of mackerel, 3 large veg samosas and then a bowl or two of popcorn... I think I also ate a hand fl of sweets and a handful of wotsits... Don't really want to repeat that as I just felt I'd undone the healthy jog/brisk-walk combo, lol.

    Thank you, you have given me "food for thought" - protein and carbs... hmmm...

  • Anything you want. You earned it.

  • I do not think a gooey choccie cake is good for me or bubs, haha.

    But generally I would agree :D Thank you

  • First off I would suggest having a good drink of water to rehydrate, when a person is dehydrated they feel extremely hungry its the one thing that confuses our brains, believe it or not. As far as food goes eat whatever you like, if you are cooking just for yourself a nice omelette with some chopped tomatoes/onions/mushrooms is a quick meal and I find eggs keep me satisfied for a good long time, you could add a big salad to that too. Poached egg on toast is another quick meal, or baked potato with beans. All nutritious and quick to prepare. I hope this helps and has given you some ideas but I'm sure there will be more suggestions made. Good luck with the program too.

  • Thanks. Yes I will be eating solo, as the family will have eaten just before my run. From having done different forms of exercise in the past I know not to eat before hand. My body hates it.

    I do drink the remainder of my drinks bottle after, and immediately eat a banana (on Laura's suggestion) but I may have a bottle of water waiting for me when I get home in future (I'm running with my parents at our local park - so Dad drives me home....)

    Not an eggy person and I don't have a microwave, so baked potato would take 3 hours... can't eat after 9pm (IBS), lol.

    Sorry I sound like I'm rebutting your advise... I truly not!!!!! It is excellent advice :) Thank you

  • Not at all, how about porridge then?

  • Oh I love porridge! So filling, yet so good for you! I would second this suggestion :)

  • Definitely going to try porridge, can sprinkle it with raisens/blueberries/cherries then.... you got me thinking now :D Thank you

  • Try chopped dates, apricots or raisins its my favourite winter breakfast.

  • Please may I suggest to you my CRM? Chocolate Recovery Milk.

    Chocolate milk is said to be great for runners as a recovery drink. I concoct my own using the following:

    Cocoa powder (I use Green & Black's)

    Skimmed milk (or any milk you like)

    Demerara sugar, if required.

    I make it the night before a run; (I run early mornings; I've just made one of these for the morning) I gently heat a small amount of milk in a pan. Only a bit. In a mug, put two teaspoons of cocoa powder, and sugar, if you want it. Add the bit of warm milk. Mix well into a paste. Add cold milk to top up. Now, I use a funnel for this, but a jug will do: pour the chocolate milk into an empty bottle (I use an empty 500ml Buxton bottle) using the funnel/jug. Top up with more cold milk if required. Refrigerate for a good few hours (I chill mine overnight) before the run. Run. Return from running. Shake bottle of chilling chocolate milk. Enjoy. om nom nom.

    I came home from a Parkrun on Saturday and had smoked salmon, poached eggs, wholemeal bread and salad. That was lunch though and you may want something more substantial for the evening. Salmon fillet is good. As others say though, anything you fancy. :-)

    Congratulations on starting C25K, by the way. :-)

  • Going to give the chocolate milk a miss... as I have two teeth with Muhassive cavities... don't think they'd agree to it somehow, lol. Also trying to reduce the families cows milk intake.

    Ohhhh.... Salmon, now your talking... thinking now. If I'm doing three runs a week, the first and last could be salmon, salad and a carb to be confirmed...and the middle run could be pasta and veggies and chicken.

    May I suggest (as we are suggesting things to each other, hehe) you look up this link... in regards to buxton water :D a nestle product babymilkaction.org/nestlefree what you do after reading the link is completely upto you, but do read about their water sourcing :'(

    Thanks I've done it to help my health improve... feeling little benefits as yet, but hoping the week 3 and 4 will give me some positive results (If I can get that far)

  • I've just had a lamb curry and rice, poppadoms & naan washed down by a couple of pints of Cobra - but I guess that's not helpful ;)

  • Haha I like your style :)

  • Do like a curry :)

  • It may not be helpful but it does sound nice though ;o)

  • well if you are breastfeeding I would suggest a nice juicy steak....lots of protein really... I am impressed you are running....I used to eat for England, and back then I never ran anywhere!! Inspirational :)

  • Well I haven't needed to diet to shift the baby weight and I owe it all to breastfeeding and baby-wearing :D

    But that by no way tones or makes you exercise fit - hence starting the C to 5K. (Also because my parents strongly believe it will help with my depression symptoms from my PTSD)

    Thank you, never put myself as being inspirational ((blush)) Just doing what I feel is best for my Little Girl (breastfeeding) and my health (C to 5K) :D

  • Since you are breastfeeding, make sure you drink lots. My midwife told me I needed a litre per day more that at normal times, so if you are exercising and its summer you might easily be slightly dehydrated without realising it. Plain water, perhaps with a splash of lemon juice is probably what you need.

    (Hereabouts they used to tell breastfeeding women to drink beer - for the liquid and vitamins - sadly it would probably be irresponsible to do any such thing these days :-( )

  • Yeah I do not touch a drop of alcohol whilst breastfeeding, will most likely be a light weight now, haha.

    Far more iron and vitamins in a portion of spinach (good job I like it), compared to beer, etc.

    Will be adding lemon juice to my at home water for sure now - will encourage me to drink more water then, Thank You!! :D

  • If you like spinach for a change try curly kale. I stir fry spring onions, cherry tomatoes in some chilli virgin oil then add the kale. Cooks in just a few minutes and you could have it with salmon, chicken, tuna etc.

  • I see you like salmon, which is really good for you, so I shall ask if you have ever tried a salmon tabbouleh? It is wonderful.

    If you want the recipe, just ask.

    Good luck, happy running and keep us posted.

  • Can I pretty please have the recipe? I have never heard of that :D

    Yes, but limited on eating fish to only twice per week (due to the feeding) ...

    Thank you

  • I shall post it separately as I have been a bit naughty and photographed the recipe.

    Look me up, or watch for a tabouleh post by me.

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