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Do you lose weight after each run?

Hi I'm running on a treadmill and am currently on week 7 of the couch to 5K. I do my warm up 5 minutes at speed 6 then run beteween 6.8 and 7 and have just introduced an incline of 1. I weigh mysefl before running then after and don't seem to lose anything plus I wear a sauna suit. Im trying to lose a stone in total. Feels like I should lose something the amount I sweat ??

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If you're losing weight in sweat then won't you just replace it when you rehydrate yourself?

I don't weigh myself before and after a run. I am 2lb heavier than I was when I started C25K BUT I am smaller, all my jeans are too big. Weighing yourself isn't always the best way to track your progress because muscle is denser than fat.

What else are you doing for weight loss, are you on any kind of diet?


Hi I did wonder this as I do drink loads during and after. I am trying to cut down and stop drinking wine or eat chocloate a sort of slimming world variation. I seem to be obsessed with the scales maybe I should lock them away


Any weight you sweat off is only fluid and doesn't count. It's not fat. Losing fat and building muscle, which is what you'll do for a good while, won't show on the scales, but that doesn't mean it's not helping. So locking the scales away might be a good idea. Like Cazvs, I too have lost inches over the last couple of months, but have actually put on a pound or two.

At the end of the day, if you're eating more sensibly and running 3 times a week, there's no way you can possibly be doing anything but good. Whether or not your BMI changes is largely irrelevant. If you're thinner, leaner and fitter, then you MUST be healthier. End of story.

I'd give yourself a break, and stop putting so much pressure on yourself to change what is at best an arbitrary number.

So well done on getting started!! Stick with it, and use your jeans to measure your progress. Oh,. and keep rehydrating after runs. That's SOOOOO important too!! :-)

Good luck, and let us know how you get on :-D


What a lovely blog , you give me pleasure reading your kind advice


Thanks for your support. Scales banished x


Wise decision - well done !


I am a couple of pounds heavier than when I started the program but my clothes are not any tighter and I feel a bit more toned.

I only weigh myself once a week, in the morning before breakfast, to try and keep consistency with measurements.


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