What to eat before a run?

I normally run early evening because i find it helps to break up my day and gets me physically away from my laptop and is a good break from uni work and have no problems running. I am however doing parkruns on saturdays and am struggling a bit because i haven't eaten anything beforehand. Any suggestions considering i pretty much get up and go straight to it so don't want anything to heavy else i'll be the other extreme!! Got a feeling i know what a lot of people will say tho haha


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9 Replies

  • I usually have a banana and a glass of water as it's quick and easy. I think you just need a carbohydrate that releases energy gradually. I'm sure something like a breakfast bar would do the job just as well.

  • A banana and mug of tea, also glass of water to hydrate yourself. You can enjoy your breakfast after you have run 5K, you will have earned something special to eat then.

  • I normally run early so don't eat before but for parkrun I have something light like toast or oatcakes with banana & honey, always water. Like oldgirl I recommend going for something afterwards, it always tastes better after pelting out your fastest 5k. :-)

  • cereal bar and a cup of tea here - then the obligatory banana mashed on toast as a reward when I get home ! (yeah I know tea probably isn't the best...)

  • thanks :) i do norm have my brekky afterwards. Am so hungry if i ever skip it!

  • No expert here -- I am only restating things I have read -- but, definitely a big glass of water, cup of coffee ( for the caffeine stimulus ( this comes from the famous marathoner Jeff Galloway) , no fat or high fibre - some kind of low fibre carbohydrate (white bread) -and some sugar( honey) . The object of this is to boost blood sugar which will be consumed on a 5k run. Another important aspect of this is WHEN this should be eaten /drunk -- Answer - at least an hour before the run.

  • There is a flaw in your last statement! Leave it too long and you need to release the flow!!! Its a common old age fault. I eat banana/drink & run and hope for the best ;)

  • Well - that is the idea - to eat a little and hydrate in sufficient time for the food to be digested and the liquid to be passed before running. Galloway ( who, when he talks, mainly relates to marathon running) says that when running , we need about 40 calories of energy and 100 ml of water every couple of miles. Any more than that leads to the need for toileting when on the run.

  • I try and leave 4 hours before a run, but I get up at 7 on parkrun day and have my usual poached egg on toast ( This is what I eat everyday and I swear by it...). I also eat alot quite late the night before an earlier long run ( loads of carbs etc) and then I am fine with no brekkie....You will find what works best for you by trying different things out :)

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